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The "Yes, Chef!"
10" Stainless Steel Frying Pan
Made In 10" Frying Pan Size Guide
Made In 2 QT Sauce Pan
Made In 2 QT Sauce With Lid
Made In 8 QT Stock with Lid
Made in 4 QT Saute
Made in 4 QT Saute
Made In 10" Nonstick frying pan
Made In 10" Nonstick frying pan
$419 $501

The "Yes, Chef!"

You're a good cook who understands their way around a kitchen. The "Yes, Chef" kit gives you all the essentials and since you aren't cooking for a family, we opted for the mid-sizes that are perfect for two. Keep in mind, you’re saving money by cutting down on the total number of lids needed.

You'll receive:

  • 10" Fry Pan
  • 10" Non-stick Fry
  • 2 QT Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 8 QT Stock Pot with Lid
  • 4 QT Saute Pan*

*8 QT Stock and 4 QT Saute were designed to share the same size lid. This way you save money and cabinet space.

  • Manufactured in the USAManufactured in the USA
  • Free Shipping over $50Free Continental U.S. Shipping $50+*
  • Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Non-stick pan

We love our new pans. They look beautiful and they work great! We have had the best response from customer service and would recommend the company to anyone shopping for new cookware.

Great Cookware

We purchased The Core, and immediately ordered additional items to completely replace our old, worn, non-stick coating that was peeling off cookware. My husband does most of the cooking and has been looking for good quality pots and pans that would meet his needs and high expectations. This cookware exceeded his expectations. In addition to cooking perfection, this cookware cleans easily and looks good. Nice touches like helpful cooking information on the bottom of each piece and tags that are printed on basil seed infused paper (to plant for fresh basil!) demonstrate attention to detail and a touch of something unique. Nice Work Made In Cookware!

Nonstick Frying Pans

I purchased a 10 Harbour blue pan and now kicking myself for not getting the 12 instead. 10 works find to cook for one to two people but somewhat limited for a larger meal.

Best Cookware

The ordering process was very simple and the cookware is high quality! Would highly recommend Made In products to everyone!


The nonstick is no joke. Literally nothing sticks. And food cooks really evenly. Its amazing!