About our Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

This certifies that your product is warranted to be free from material defects in material and craftsmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of the original consumer.

If warranty service should be necessary, please contact a Customer Care Specialist (hello@madeincookware.com) at the information listed below for instructions and a return authorization number. You may then return the product properly packaged and postage prepaid along with your proof of purchase, name, address, telephone number, and a description of the claimed defect. Any products, including any part or parts, which, upon examination by the manufacturer, are found to be defective will be repaired or replaced with a comparable product or part without charge during the warranty period. You assume risk of loss or damage to products, and you are responsible for the costs of shipping and handling, when products are shipped from you to us for warranty service and when repaired or replaced products are shipped back to you, regardless of whether this warranty is found to apply. The limited warranty period for any product repaired or replaced under this limited warranty shall be the remainder of the original warranty.


This warranty does not cover:  

  • Damage arising from thermal shocks, drops, improper use, failure to follow the use and care instructions, or an unauthorized modification or repair
  • Normal product wear and tear  
  • Nonstick deterioration, discoloration, warping, or metal separation due to high heat, prolonged heat exposure when empty, etc.  
  • Stains, discoloration or scratches on the inside or outside
  • Any accident caused by fire, flood, etc.
  • Commercial, professional, or workplace use
  • Any glass or porcelain in the product
  • Nonstick damage from metal or sharp utensils
  • External coating damage due to improper storing, excessive heat, or metal or sharp utensils.
  • Damage caused by use of scouring pads, steel wool, abrasive cleaners, bleach, etc.  
  • Minor imperfections and color variations, which are normal
  • Damage due to improper storage

This warranty is limited to the original consumer with proof of purchase and is not transferable. If the product was not purchased new from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer, distributor, or representative of the manufacturer, this warranty is null and void.

Made In reserves the right to utilize comparable reconditioned, refurbished, repaired, or remanufactured products or parts in the warranty repair or replacement process. Such products and parts will be comparable in function and performance to an original product or part and warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.


Made In’s sole and exclusive liability under this warranty, and the consumer’s sole and exclusive remedy, is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product.  Made In shall not be liable for any other damages, including, without limitation, special, incidental or consequential damages. In no event will Made In’s liability exceed the purchase price paid by the consumer for the product(s) at issue. Any oral or written description of a product is for the sole purpose of identifying it and shall not be construed as an express warranty.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, or country to country.

With Respect to Knives:

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty, Boston Foundry LLC (“Made In”) warrants to the consumer or the entity who or which is the initial purchaser or, in the case of a gift, to the initial consumer recipient of this Made In knife product (“you” or “your”) that such product will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and conditions (as described below) for your lifetime (the “Coverage Period”). Warranty: This Warranty covers: (a) all parts of this product (except as noted below) and (b) defects in workmanship or materials under normal use and conditions in the United States of America. For purposes of this Warranty, “normal use and conditions” means use and conditions that (i) are in connection with appropriate culinary purposes as intended by Made In and (ii) are not described in whole or part in the exclusions outlined in the next part of this Warranty.

Exclusions: Made In products are professionally crafted tools, but are not indestructible, so each of the following is excluded from this Warranty: (1) Injuries and damage (including without limitation bent tips, chipped or broken blades and melted handles) caused by or resulting from in whole or part any or all of the following: modification(s) not authorized by Made In, misuse, abuse, neglect, acts of God (including without limitation fire, tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes), accident, inappropriate use (including without limitation cutting frozen foods or bones, opening jars or cans and cutting on dense surfaces (such as cooling racks, glass, granite and stainless steel).




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