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Real Made In Cookware Reviews

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Based on 106 reviews
Non-stick pan

We love our new pans. They look beautiful and they work great! We have had the best response from customer service and would recommend the company to anyone shopping for new cookware.

The Core
Great Cookware

We purchased The Core, and immediately ordered additional items to completely replace our old, worn, non-stick coating that was peeling off cookware. My husband does most of the cooking and has been looking for good quality pots and pans that would meet his needs and high expectations. This cookware exceeded his expectations. In addition to cooking perfection, this cookware cleans easily and looks good. Nice touches like helpful cooking information on the bottom of each piece and tags that are printed on basil seed infused paper (to plant for fresh basil!) demonstrate attention to detail and a touch of something unique. Nice Work Made In Cookware!

Nonstick Frying Pans

I purchased a 10 Harbour blue pan and now kicking myself for not getting the 12 instead. 10 works find to cook for one to two people but somewhat limited for a larger meal.

Best Cookware

The ordering process was very simple and the cookware is high quality! Would highly recommend Made In products to everyone!


The nonstick is no joke. Literally nothing sticks. And food cooks really evenly. Its amazing!

Our new pans......

Excellent, the pans are of high quality, easy to clean, great replacements for the old ones we tossed in the trash.

Favorite Pan

My new non stick frying pan has become my favorite. Looks great, easy to handle, cooks beautifully, is oven safe and wipes out clean with a paper towel.

Great pan for eggs

We were looking for a pan to mainly make eggs in. My husband is a big scrambled eggs fan. The eggs cooked in the Made In pan actually taste better. They are fluffier and lighhtwr. That may be because we dont have to stir them as much to prevent sticking, like we did with our old pan. Easy to clean, and love that the handle stays cool. The only negative is the pan is a little heavy, but I prefer heavier pans because they seem to conduct heat better. At least this one does. So glad we bought it.

Its a kid it did

Its a kid it did what kids do

Excellent Quality Nonstick Frying Pan

This is my first piece of cookware by Made in. I am so impressed with the quality of the pan. It cooks evenly and food does not stick to the surface. I ordered the pan to have a safe nonstick surface made in the USA. I will be purchasing additional cookware by Made in.

1-month review (Non stick Fry Pans)

After 1-month - the pan and non-stick surface are performing as advertised. Cheese omelettes and fried eggs slide right out. Bacon cooks and crisps nicely. When I add 1 tsp oil to heat up, pan coats nicely with no apparent warping. Use wooden tools and adhere to factory instructions for cleaning. I would normally rate it 5-star after 1-month, but in my experiences, the 6( )-month mark for these nonstick pans starts to separate the true performers.I had purchased 2 other non stick surface pans (High end mfg) and was disappointed at the 3-month mark. We'll see.

Plan to order more

Beautifully crafted cookware

Best Nonstick Frying Pan

This is the best Nonstick Fry Pan I have ever used. It replaced my aging Calphalon which had been the best I had ever used until I received the Made In.

Nonstick 10 inch

Love it! Does exactly as advertised.

Impressed so far

I researched so many options before selecting Made In Cookware. It is so hard to find a US based company selling US made goods. Upon placing my order, immediate response from CEO about the item I asked to be updated about which is on backorder. The products I did receive, sauce pan and nonstick frying pan, are fab. The weight keeps them in place on my glass stove top. The quality looks exceptional. All things have heated evenly. And, the recipes on the bottom of the pans is a cute touch. I will recommend this company to my friends.

Great product, Great Price.

I'm partial to American made products but finding affordable stainless steel cookware that is US made is difficult. I was close to purchasing another US brand, but the price was prohibitive. I found "Made In" and decided to try it. I'm glad I did. These are well made and for the month I've been using them now I've been quite pleased. The handles are well shaped and easy to grip, the steel is thick, and the rivets holding the handles on are quite robust. This cookware cleans easily and holds its finish well. I would buy this again.

Small Stock

Love this pot. I don't like extra heavy or extra big....this pot is perfectly weighted. Works super great on my induction range.

Non-stick pan review

I think the pan works pretty well but I ordered a blue inside finish and the one that was delivered was black. I didn't want the hassle of sending it back and waiting for a new one, especially because I had thrown out my old pan.

Super slick!

In addition to its excellent non-stick properties, I was especially pleased that this skillet is made in the United States. I tend to use just a very tiny amount of oil and even such things as melted cheese just slide right out. Cleanup up is a snap! I do wish it came with a see-through lid.

Great pan and buying experience.

My wife received a frying pan as a gift from our son Ben. I enjoyed cooking with it so much that I decided to order another, smaller size, to have. Excellent product.

Buy this pan!

I bought a 10-in nonstick pan for myself... liked it so much I bought one for my daughter. My son-in-law said it was the best pan he ever used, and has now asked if it is available in other sizes. I suspect another order is coming soon!

Best pan yet

This is by far the best non-stick pan I have purchased. Looking forward to many years of use.

Saute! Saute!

I love this pan. It is sturdy and performes well when building a meal. I wish there was a 3 qt saute pan as I find myself "filling the pan" with veggies and preparing too much food for two people. A 3 qt saute might help with portion control for this ad hoc home cook!

Love the cookware

Ive had a great experience with my new sauce pan. I especially enjoy the low profile of the 2qt. It is easy to maneuver and the weight of the pan, when full with veggie goodness, does not cause wrist strain when pouring. Ive very pleased with my purchase.

Top quality Made In USA...

Top of the line in quality, customer service, ease of ordering and etc. Not one thing bad to say about our experience. As good or better than All Glad.

This pan rocks!

This pan totally came as advertised. It's about time someone shook up the cookware world.

Small sauce pan

Easy to hold. Perfect for one persons meal. Great for soups and reheating. Super well constructed, evenly distributes heat. Best sauce pan I own.

Giving green non-stick pan

Perfect size for searing meat. Holds heat well. Super construction. Non stick is a plus. Better than my current professional pans. Highly recommended

Great pan and good value

The 10" nonstick frying pan I received appears to be of very good quality. The bottom is flatter and coating appears to be of better quality than the much more expensive All Clad pan it is replacing. Time will tell if the coating life lives up to the promise.

My favorite pan

The quality of Madein Cookware items is unsurpassed! I use both this one and the nonstick daily and love them both for different things. The quick and even heat cooks things very well.

New favorite cookware

I ordered a non-stick frying pan and saucepan -- they are the best cookware products I've ever used. I love the weight and feel of the pans. The design, quality and price truly differentiate Madein from other cookware. Excited to say, I have found my new 'go to' cookware brand.

As advertised

As good as they promised. Will be my replacement cookware in the future.

My new go to pan

Nice balance with great even temperature distribution I think I have to revisit the web page and get another or two of the family of pans

Best pans I have ever had.

From browsing thru the website and purchasing to receiving my items.. It was all so easy. Pans are amazing.. Very easy to clean and they are so modern looking. Ended up getting the whole set.

wonderful fryers-easy to clean.

wonderful fryers-easy to clean.

Excellent cookware

We finally decided to upgrade our cookware and couldn't be more pleased with "Made In." They have excellent customer service and quality products. I especially like how comfortable the handle design is and how evenly heat is distributed. I'd definitely recommend!

I love your blue non-stick

I love your blue non-stick fry pan. Ordered 3 more for my 3 children. Everyone should have one!

Wow! Great lid at a fraction of the cost.

This was the first thing I ordered from the company and I love it. What a good value for an beautiful product.

great new cookware!

Bought this wonderful cookware for my new induction stove... its perfect! Quality, weight handles are terrific... I like it better than my All Clad_. Also its very convenient to purchase exactly the pieces that you want vs. buying a pre-determined set.

Great product, great corporate culture, easy to deal with

Really enjoy the new kitchen pots and pans. They are super high quality and Work beautifully. Much better than the Calphalon I donated away. What also made my purchase decision was your corporate culture, of giving To the less fortunate. The seed pack and pan cleaner products were an added benefit. Thanks for taking such great care. Your products are top quality and made to last !

Best pans I have

These are the best pans I have seen. They are heirloom quality. In other words they will last a lifetime or more.

Terrific Product

This pan is well made and a pleasure to use. I love that it is made in America and that the price is so reasonable.

Great Pot

Excellent stock pot. Heats evenly and quickly.

Best pan ever

This is a highest quality non stick omelet pan of all time. And its reasonably priced. Ive used others, some cost twice as much, and found this one to be superior. As I add to my cookware, it will all be MadeIn.

Best non-stick I have ever owned

I have never paid very much for non-stick pans, but this was worth the investment. For the first time ever I made two perfect omelets with no fuss. The quality is excellent and I would consider buying the whole set if I had not chosen another brand chiefly on a sale.

Love this pan

From the minute I took this out of the box I could tell it would be the best non-stick skillet I have ever owned. This pan is much heavier than the cheap, disposable non-stick pans I have used in the past. And the non-stick coating is much slicker as well. I would definitely recommend this pan and all the other Made In Cookware products.

Still trying to decide.

First, what I like about the pot: the weight and dimensions are very good, so are the handles(easy to grasp). The main con is the cleanability. It seems to stain and have marks even after boiling water. My All Clad, Cuisinart and new pressure cooker do not have that problem. The marks clean off, but I should not have to use a special cleaner every time I use the pot.

Quality Style

The Made In cookware is as solid as the Made In brand. I took a leap, went all in with the Kitchen Sink set and couldnt be happier. Once I put my first pan on the stove, the quality and value were clear. As a consultant with chef clients, I know professional durability when I see it. Made In really has taken the utility of pro cookware and added beautiful style that makes your proud to have it in your home. Add in their friendly customer service Made In has got something special going on.

One of the best Non-stick pans I have seen!

The pan I purchased (10" Blue) is a thing of beauty! Beyond the visual, this pan performs well, and you can tell the non-stick quality is top notch. I have only seen this quality on high-end pans (think Williams-Sonoma, All-Clad). I can't wait to see other non-stick items in their cookware. Great job guys!


I'm loving my new pots and pans! They are a major upgrade from the old ceramic set I was using. These distribute heat evenly and make cooking easy and fun even for a novice chef like me!