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Real Made In Cookware Reviews

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Based on 496 reviews
Wonderful sauté Pan

This was a part of LouAnn’s birthday present. The pan is high quality and well made. She used it to make chicken cacciatore in it. It did a nice job. I used it the other night to make a simple dish of sausage with broccoli rabe. It browned the sausage evenly and cooked it all very well. My hope is that you make a larger one. At times we like to make a quick sauce for pasta and then add the almost cooked pasta in the sauté pan to finish it. This requires a pan larger than this one! We are very happy with this pan and would recommend it to anyone. Here’s LouAnn’s chicken cacciatore!

Between you and LouAnne, it looks like your kitchen smells amazing all the time! Thanks so much for sharing, Kenneth. We are so glad you're loving the cookware!
Best skillet yet

I purchased this pan and the sauté pan for LouAnn’s birthday. Crazy me puts it to a test and I make a frittata in it. Yes I did. It came out perfect. It did stick a little but surprisingly did a great job! Without a doubt this is the best skillet I ever used. It heated evenly, it fit nicely in my hand and is well balanced. LouAnn absolutely loves it! I’m pretty sure we will be buying more!

That looks AMAZING, Kenneth! Thank you so much for sharing, and I'm glad LouAnn loves it!
Arrived on time, as advertised.

Stephen’s wife said he makes great gravies and sauces.

Fantastic, Joe! Thank you!
Gave it as a birthday gift to my niece

She loves it! I am hoping to get your 1 quart pan as that fits my needs 1

I'm so glad your niece loves her sauce pan, Mary! We will let you know as soon as the 1 QT is available again!
Better than I expected

I love the pot all my other cookware is AllClad thins pot is comparable to tha AllClad at a lot better price

Thank you, Jim!
Great pan

I'm very pleased with my 10" stainless steel frying pan. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly.

This is fantastic to hear, Andrew! Thanks for leaving your review!
Da Kine

I love this sauté pan. I have been using all clad for years and thought I would try these out. They are outstanding even better than my all clad which is really saying something.

This is so awesome to hear, Donald! Thank you!
Saute Pan
Exactly what I e been looking for!

I have looked for a large sauté pan for years but wanted a pan made in the US where I feel more comfortable with the integrity and purity of the stainless steel. I was thrilled to find this Made In pan! It cooks beautifully and cleans so easily! The handles are perfect and make it possible to easily lift the hot pan filled with a one pot dinner! I just wish Made In manufactured tea kettles!

I am so thrilled to hear you're loving your saute pan, Sara! Thanks for the review (and kettle recommendation)!
The best cookware

I have been in the food business for many years(too many to mention!) and have tried many different kinds of cookware. This sauté pan is everything that they said. Not to mention I have ordered at least 6 different pieces of Madein cookware and love them all. The cleaner is amazing also!

This review totally made my day, Katherine! I'm so thrilled to hear how happy you are with your cookware. Thank you for taking the time to leave your review!
Arrived on time, as advertised.

Stephen’s wife told me he makes great gravies and sauces. I wanted him to have the right tools for the job.

I hope Stephen loves his new cookware, and I hope his wife loves the gravy!


they look great

While I havent gotten a chance to use them yet, they look and feel great! Ive been converting my pans and pots to stainless and I can see that they are sturdy and well made..Cant wait to use them!

We can't wait to hear how you like them, Arthur!
Nice Pans !

When I saw your products I could barely believe the price. I’m so glad I believed your reviews and bought your pans. They are beautiful but more importantly the cook beautifully. You have exceeded my expectations. Thank you. Really.

What a phenomenal review, Thomas! I am so happy you love your new cookware. Thank you for taking the time to leave your review!
Love my new pans

I really like the quality of my pans. The cook my food evenly!!

We are thrilled to hear you like the pans! Thanks, Tracy!
Great stuff

Great stuff! Just frustrating to order!!!

I'm so glad you are loving your cookware, Paul!

It is a nice pan. My second purchase. I will buy more down the road

Good to hear, Greg! Thanks for the review!
Arrived on time, as advertised.

Arrived on time, as advertised.

Completely satisfied

My original order was mis-delivered by UPS. Amanda researched the problem and quickly, reordered the item for me.

You were lovely to work with, John! Thanks for your patience and for taking the time to leave your review!
Great for the reason I got it

I’m a jersey girl and we love our sea food. Wanted a pan to make my linguine and clam sauce in and it’s perfect. It holds 50 clams and enough pasta for 3 hungry people. Next up will be shrimp scampi and I’m sure it will be perfect. Liked the stainless steel cleaner that you included not only do I like se food I’
Love shinny pots to cook in

What a fantastic review (and now all I can think about is shrimp scampi-yum)! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your feedback. We are so thrilled to hear how happy you are!
A+ cookware

I previously have been in the food industry and have used many different kinds of cookware. I have not found anything comparable to what I have used previously until now. I am so happy with my made in cookware. I started with a 1 quart pan just to try and check out quality. Well needless to say, I have since ordered 4 more pieces and I couldn't be happier. Amazing quality!!! Thank you!!

Thank you so much, Katherine!
Stock Pots
Made In Review - I like it!

So I waited until I had used my new Made In cookware a while so that I could give a real review. A few months ago I replaced my electric cooktop with an Induction cooktop, so I went looking for new cookware as most of my old pieces, which I had had for many years, would not work for Induction. I came across Made In while searching on the internet. I had just about given up hope for finding the option to purchase individual pieces that are made in the USA. I liked the story behind the company and the much more reasonable prices than some other companies, so I purchased several pieces. My favorite piece is the five quart stock pot. Compact in size, but can still handle a big job. I raise organic vegetables for our family and do a lot of freezing and canning. Let's just say that there is a LOT of food cooked up in my kitchen. I canned tomato sauce the other day and cooked some of it down in the Made In stock pot. I liked how it cooked better than the larger, more expensive stock pot that I purchased from another company. Even when the tomato sauce became thick, it did not stick or burn in the Made In stock pot. Yesterday, I prepared homemade chicken noodle soup in it. I had sauteed carrots, onions and celery in butter in the skillet earlier in the summer and frozen it for soup starter. My soup is more like stew - very thick - and still I had no trouble with it sticking. I am impressed with the even heat distribution on all the pans. I really like the flat handles on the stock pot - makes it very easy to maintain a good grip and control while pouring the contents out. I REALLY like the rolled, blunt edges on the rims of the pans. I recently almost cut myself on the rim of a competitor's stock pot because the edge is so sharp. I hope that Made In comes out with a larger stock pot soon. I would really like one that is somewhere between 8 and 12 quarts for cooking down various tomato recipes - salsa, pasta sauce, tomato sauce, etc. I also would appr...

Thank you so much for taking the time to send your feedback over, Lori! We really do appreciate it. Don't hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything!

Love these pans...can’t go them...non-stick is outstanding and sauté pan browns perfectly...the included cleanser makes cleaning a breeze

What a great review-thank you, Patricia!
Nice Pan

I now own 5 of your pans (2 non-stick fry pans, two saucepans and a stock pot) All work great, the sauce pans are great, very even cooking.

I'm so happy to hear how happy you've been with your cookware, Rob!
My Favortie pan now!

This pan is so easy to cook with. I loved it so much I bought a couple of more pans.

Awesome news, Lazaro! Thank you so much!
Love it!

I love my Made In pans. Very nice to cook with. They look amazing.

This is fantastic to hear, Cindy! Thanks!