The Best Pans for Cooking Any Kind of Fish

No matter what kind of fish you’re looking to cook, we have the perfect pan for the job.

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  • Aug 11, 2022
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If you’re cooking fresh seafood, you really should make sure you’re using the proper pan. After all, good fish is a luxury, and should be treated as such. Because we love to cook fish in a variety of ways for different dishes and occasions, we pulled together this roundup of the best pans for each preparation. This all-inclusive guide covers everything you need to know about cooking fish, no matter how you like it.

Our Favorite: Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Chef Tom Colicchio prefers our Carbon Steel Frying Pan for pan roasting fish on the stovetop. Because of its ability to change temperatures on a dime, it gives the exterior of your fish the right amount of char without overcooking it. Now, our new Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Frying Pans allow you to explore the unparalleled cooking potential of Carbon Steel right out of the box, no setup required. Its design features high walls, keeping the oil where it should be: in the pan and not all over your kitchen.

For Searing Fish: Stainless Clad Frying Pan

Our Stainless Clad Cookware excels at creating a wonderful sear on just about any protein, fish and scallops included. Made from five layers of four different metals, it’s designed to heat evenly so your fish develops a crust, while staying flakey and tender on the inside as it cooks through. Because Stainless Steel is non-reactive, you’re able to pair it with acidic ingredients like citrus or tomato to bring out the fresh flavor from your catch of the day.

For Weeknight Cooking: Non Stick Frying Pan

If you’re looking for a simple and healthy weeknight dinner, like salmon and rice, our Non Stick Frying Pan is the pan for the job. Made with the same body as our Award-Winning Stainless Clad Cookware, we add two layers of professional-quality non stick coating to ensure even the most delicate filets like trout will still release from the pan with ease. And you won’t even need any additional oil or fat.

For Frying Fish: Dutch Oven

Whether you’re making fried fish for baja fish tacos or creating a platter of fish and chips at home, our Dutch Oven is the pot you should reach for. With a heavy bottom and insulated walls that help the oil heats evenly, you can create crispy, beer-battered morsels in style. Wrap in newspaper for the full effect.

For Grilling Fish: Carbon Steel Griddle

If you’re looking to take your filets out to the grill, we recommend our Carbon Steel Griddle. With enough surface area for at least six filets, you won't overcrowd the pan, and each piece will get deliciously crispy. Best of all, you can also use this pan indoors on your stove, so no need to miss out on a grilled meal if it’s rainy or too hot.

For Braising Fish: Saute Pan

There are few things better than a slow braised piece of fish. Our 3.5 QT Saute Pan is perfect for the job. It’s deep enough to immerse the fish in the braising liquid of your choice, and comes with a tight fitting lid to seal in moisture. The end result will be a juicy piece of flavor-loaded fish just about every single time. The only thing you'll have to decide is whether you want a Stainless Clad Pan, or a Non Stick one: both are great options.

For Baking Fish: Oval Baking Dish

If you're looking to bake a side of fish like salmon or fish fillets, our Oval Baking Dish is the right choice. Crafted from Porcelain in France, it not only is oven safe, but it is beautiful enough to serve out of. Take it straight from oven to table, no problem with this dish.

For Grilling Shrimp: Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

If you’re planning on grilling up some shrimp or prawns, check out our Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan. Not only is Carbon Steel great at retaining heat, but we designed this pan specifically for the grill. It has 62 intentionally spaced perforations, so you don’t have to worry about your shrimp falling into the coals. Plus, its lightweight construction allows you to quickly remove it from the grill to make sure that nothing overcooks.

For Steaming Fish: Stock Pot

Steaming is a simple way to bring out a ton of flavor from just about any type of fish, and to do it, all you need is our Stock Pot and a steaming basket. Simply bring water to a boil, place the steaming basket on top with the fish inside and voila, dinner is served. Our Stock Pot can also be used for a clambake, too.

For Roasting Fish: Roasting Pan

Roasting fish is one of the best ways to cook any kind of fish on the weeknight. Simply pop it in the oven and you'll end up with a great fillet nearly every time. For this task, there is no better pan for the job than our Carbon Steel Roasting Pan. Designed to go from stoveotop to oven to table, you'll be sure to impress any guest.

For Serving Fish: Serving Platter

No matter how you cook your fish, you want something beautiful to show off your hard work. Look no further than our Serving Platter. Made in England, it’s large enough to plate up a whole fish, and stylish enough for any dinner party. On top of all that, it’s oven safe, dishwasher safe, and scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your dinner guests ruining your brand new china.

Ready to Cook?

If all of that talk about fish made you hungry, we have a great recipe for you. Our friend Chef Amanda Turner of Olamaie gave us a recipe for Blackened Snapper and Dirty Rice. Cooked on our Carbon Steel Griddle, it’s packed full of flavor and can be enjoyed no matter the season.

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