The Best Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Dads deserve to be spoiled, too. These gifts will help.

Rachel Robey|May 12, 2022

Father’s Day is easy to overlook, so it’s best to shop quickly and early, or you’ll end up getting him a box of screws at the last minute because he mentioned he needed a different size and you were going to the hardware store anyway. Hypothetically.

When selecting a gift, there are several easy ways to go right and very few to go wrong—dads are pretty simple that way. Below, we’re sharing our favorite gifts for dads who love food, fishing, and firing up the grill. Keep reading for several ideas that are, at the very least, much better than a box of screws.

For Dads Who Like to Look Sharp:

Santoku Knife

Culinary knives

in general are both utilitarian and attractive, but a Santoku is all the more so: ours is a fluted Japanese-style knife that’s renowned for its “three virtues,” usually interpreted as either “mincing, slicing, and dicing” or “meat, fish, and vegetables.” Either way, the message is clear: this knife does it all, and looks great while doing so. It’ll make using his old knives feel like he’s cooking in an Airbnb (in fact, ours are so sharp we include a band-aid—tell him to be careful!).

For Dads Who Love Maintaining Tools:

Carbon Steel Cookware

Carbon steel is a favorite among chefs everywhere, but there are few home cooks in the USA taking advantage of it. For the uninitiated, carbon steel is a halfway point between cast iron and

Stainless Clad

and comes with the benefits of both: it’s durable, lightweight, and can handle the highest temperatures. Like cast iron, it requires seasoning, but doing so will develop a very handy non stick layer (and anyway, dads notoriously love projects).

For Good Old-Fashioned Grilling Dads:

Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Just because it’s a stereotype doesn’t mean it’s not true: Dads love to grill. They do not, however, love watching half of dinner fall through the grate, nor do they love cleaning up the burnt remains of steak that have somehow fused themselves to the grill. A

Grill Frying Pan

remedies both problems, though being covered in holes means you should brace yourself for the dad jokes.

Another of our French-made

Carbon Steel

pieces, the grill frying pan can hold and retain the highest temperatures your grill can throw at it. A perforated bottom allows food to come in direct contact with the flames and smoke, while keeping everything contained and stick-free. Plus, the lightweight carbon steel body provides better temperature control—if things are getting a little too hot, simply move the pan. Its non stick seasoning helps prevent burnt-on messes, which keeps clean-up to a minimum.

For Dads Looking to Stir Things Up:

Carbon Steel Wok

High heat and speed are requisites of wok hei, or “breath of wok,” the elusive fingerprint of  Cantonese cooking. Recreating its distinctive smoky, flame-kissed flavor at home is nearly impossible, but with carbon steel’s conductivity and a heat-efficient conical design, our


brings it within reach. In the West, woks are primarily associated with stir-fries, but their shape makes them suitable for braising, deep-frying, and

so much more

. If your dad loves stir fry but is tired of ordering takeout—or better yet, wants to try projects such as indoor smoking—this is the gift for him.

For Dads Who Love Pizza:

The Pizza Set

The Pizza Set is the perfect way to spend quality time with dads who enjoy structured fun. Yet another carbon steel feature, this is a product we also included in our

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

because who doesn’t love making and eating pizza? Between the perforated

Pizza Steel

(for even crisping and brick oven flavor), the flour (a combination of Hard Red Spring, White Sonora, and a touch of Blue Beard Durum flours), and the tomatoes (which are vine-ripened and organically grown), our

Pizza Set

makes a pizza to rival your favorite slice.

For Dads Who Fish:

Fishing Knives

Designed with Chef Tom Colicchio, our

Fishing Knives

are essential for any maritime deboning, skinning, or fileting your dad might be doing. The set comes with a flexible Fillet Knife and a serrated Utility Knife, so he can prep bait and later break down his catch. Never underestimate a fisherman.

For Dads Who Bottle It Up:

Beer Glasses

To paraphrase Willie and Toby: “Whiskey for my men, beer for my dad.” There is something appealingly casual about drinking beer from the bottle. But ten times out of ten, it will taste better from a

Beer Glass

. Ours is designed with a wide bowl and a curved lip to help the drinker achieve three things: fully enjoy the body and aromas of the beer, keep the beer cold, and preserve its delicate flavors for longer. The tulip shape is well suited to any beer, from Lambic to Lone Star.

While dads have a reputation for being difficult to get gifts for, there’s a simple trick to getting it right: choose something you can enjoy together. Whether that means jointly cracking open a cold one in our beer glasses, breaking out the fishing knives on your next fishing trip, or just hanging out by the grill, your dad will enjoy it as long as you’re there.