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The Made In Mother's Day Gift Guide

Creative gifts to celebrate moms who love food (or the wine enjoyed while cooking it).

By Rachel Robey
Apr 21, 2023
mothers day gifts
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Without advance planning, Mother’s Day can feel a bit like a foregone conclusion. It’s easy to fall back on tried-and-true traditions like flowers or brunch, especially when you know your mom will appreciate whatever you do.

This gift guide, full of cooking, food, and drink-related gifts for Mother’s Day, puts an end to that. From heirloom-quality splurges to Chef Brooke Williamson’s Limited-Edition Hudson Green Collection, there’s something for every mom.

For Moms Who Bake: Bakeware Designed With Chef Nancy Silverton

Breakfast in bed is a classic for a reason, and it’s even better when it’s delivered in Porcelain Bakeware inspired by Chef Nancy Silverton. Part of a limited edition collaboration, each of the three designs echoes the nostalgia of vintage bakeware and Chef Silverton’s own contemporary approach. (Of course, we kept the 200 year-old French porcelain recipe we’ve always used). It’s a beautiful gift all on its own, but over achievers will include a batch of Wildflower Honey-Caramel Buns to share with mom.

For Moms Who Make Do: The Prep Set

There’s something deeply satisfying about brand new organizational tools, and even more so when they look like this. The Prep Set was specifically designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to get dinner on the table—with the recent Hudson Green makeover of the Mise en Place Bowls and 6” Chef Knife Handle, it’s more attractive, too. Inspired by French kitchens where mise en place is law, the Prep Set is a favorite among the Marie Kondo set for its practical systems-oriented approach to cooking.

The solid Butcher Block offers ample working space and contains mess, while the all-purpose Chef Knife slices its way through pretty much anything. Once prepped, transport is easy with the Mise en Place Set, ceramic nested bowls sized to handle a variety of prep tasks from measuring spices to whisking a marinade to holding prepped raw ingredients.

For the Organized Mom: The Knife Block + Set

Most knife blocks sacrifice aesthetics for functionality, resulting in a countertop eyesore (not to mention the slots in traditional knife blocks harbor bacteria and dull knife blades—not the best combination). Redo your mom’s knife collection with a matching Knife Set and elegant countertop Knife Block that utilizes magnets instead of slots to give her new kitchen knives the attention they deserve.

For Moms Who Prize Quality Time: The Pie Set

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the amount of love and attention poured into a homemade pie deserves so much more than those flimsy, disposable tins. Made in France, the Porcelain Pie Dish is crafted to yield flaky crust, golden bottoms, juicy and just-set fillings, and picture-perfect lattices. Plus, it’s naturally non stick and thermal shock-resistant, meaning it can go from freezer to oven—ideal for achieving flaky crust and pristine crimps.

The Set pairs this summertime essential with ethically-sourced spices from Burlap and Barrel. All wrapped up, the Pie Set is just missing one thing: You, with a recipe to make together.

For Moms Who Feed a Crowd: Enameled Cast Iron Set

Our French-made Enameled Cast Iron cleverly offers the heat retention and durability of unfinished cast iron all gussied up with a durable and elegant hand-applied finish. Now in a fresh Hudson Green just in time for spring, each piece maintains cast iron’s non stick capabilities but drastically reduces the maintenance required for upkeep.

The 3-Piece Enameled Cast Iron Set includes a do-it-all Skillet, the iconic Dutch Oven, and French-inspired Oval Dutch Oven. Every piece is made from thickly poured, French-made, and sustainable cast iron, promising your mom tender braises and deeper sears from Cookware so beautiful it just lives on the stove.

For Somm Moms: Crystal Glass Decanter and Wine Glasses

For the mom who’s almost a sommelier, give the gift of better-tasting wine with our Decanter and Glass Set. The Crystal Glass Decanter’s large surface area maximizes oxygen exposure, traps sediment, pours smoothly, and adds elegance to any table.

The Italian-made Red and White Wine Glasses are beautifully thin to match, but Titanium-reinforced stems make them durable enough for the dishwasher. As a set, the decanter and glasses bring a feel of luxury to your mom’s nightly ritual (and improve whichever bottle she’s opening).

For The Mom Who Deserves it All: Cookware Sets

For moms who deserve an island or a vacation for an entire year, all gifts can feel like they’re falling short of the appreciation you feel. It may not be a deed to a private villa, but a new cookware set comes pretty close.

You can’t go wrong with a large or small set composed of either Non Stick Cookware that actually performs up to the rigors of your kitchen, or chef-loved, endlessly versatile Stainless Clad. Either way, you just won Mother’s Day.

For the Mom Who Crushes Brunch: Non Stick Frying Pans

With Chef Brooke Williamson’s stamp of approval, Hudson Green Non Stick Cookware allows you to sear, sauté, simmer, and serve without any fear of sticking. With restaurant-level performance and an elegant new look, our professional quality Non Stick is just as suitable for home cooks. In fact, that’s where it shines most: whipping up diner-style pancakes after a sleepover, making bacon without the mess, or a slightly more refined French-style omelette.

The Award-Winning Stainless Clad construction that forms the body of each pan is treated with  two applications of professional-grade Non Stick coating, making these Frying Pans some of our highest performing pieces. Where other non stick is short-lived and comes with limitations, each piece in our collection is 100% non toxic and oven-safe to 500F.

For the Host With the Most: English Dinnerware

Hosting a successful dinner party, cocktail gathering, or last-minute sleepover is never an easy feat—hats off to the moms who make it look like second nature when it’s usually anything but. Help make it as seamless as possible with elegant yet durable service pieces and tableware, from fan-favorite Entree Bowls to the bigger-than-you-think Serving Bowl.

Crafted from the best clay in the world on the English coast, these pieces are designed to look just as good serving their thousandth meal as they did for their first—and withstand the rigors of even the clumsiest dinner party guest.

For the Mom Who Needs an Upgrade: 6" Chef Knife

Packing all the French craftsmanship of our Award-Winning 8” Chef Knife into a smaller, more maneuverable model, it’s no wonder this razor-sharp blade has sold out multiple times. Finally back and looking better than ever in Hudson Green, it’s one of Chef Williamson’s favorites, with a sturdy handle that feels comfortable in hand and offers the leverage needed to rapid-fire chop, slice, and dice. The petite silhouette offers greater control for more uniform cuts, but it still packs power enough to break down tough vegetables and meats. It’s perfect for moms who appreciate finely crafted tools that earn their space in the knife block.

And Just Because: The Universal Lid

Top off your gift with a Universal Lid that covers every size frying pan, from as small as 8” to as large as 12”. Doubling as a trivet, this makes a stunning companion for stabilizing simmers, more efficient shallow boils, or just keeping dishes warm until everyone’s gathered around the table.

Of course, celebrating maternal figures can (and should) be a year-round event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t signify Mother’s Day with one of these special gifts, too. And with so many of them coming from Top Chef (and Top Mom) Brooke Williamson’s personal arsenal, you can be sure that she’ll appreciate—and actually use—whatever you get her. Set the bar for gifts this year and ensure she remembers how great of a mom she is the other 364 days, too.

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