The Best Gifts for Mother's Day

Creative gifts to celebrate moms who love food or the wine enjoyed while cooking it.

  • Rachel Robey
  • Apr 27, 2022
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Of all the gift-giving holidays, Mother’s Day feels the most like a foregone conclusion—it’s easy to fall back on old standbys (flowers, breakfast in bed, etc.) when you know your mom will probably appreciate whatever you do. But rather than stick with last year’s plan, we’re sharing a list of cooking and food gifts for Mother’s Day that your mom will actually love.

For Moms Who Bake: Bakeware Designed With Chef Nancy Silverton

Breakfast in bed is a classic for a reason, and it’s even better when it’s delivered in Porcelain Bakeware inspired by Chef Nancy Silverton. Part of a limited edition collaboration, each of the three designs echoes the nostalgia of vintage bakeware and Chef Silverton’s own contemporary approach. (Of course, we kept the 200 year-old French porcelain recipe we’ve always used). It’s a beautiful gift all on its own, but over achievers will include a batch of Wildflower Honey-Caramel Buns to share with mom.

For Moms Who Do It All: The Butcher Block

A butcher block isn’t just a cutting board—at least, this one isn’t. Crafted by a father/son duo, our Butcher Block is a dual-sided jack-of-all-trades that serves as prep station, charcuterie board, and countertop design piece. A single butcher block will replace all the flimsy plastic cutting boards that have accumulated over the years, which means helping her out in the kitchen will feel less like a chore and more like quality time.

For Moms Who Prize Quality Time: The Pizza Set

One of the easiest ways to make mom happy is to give her an activity-based gift you can do together. With our Pizza Set, you’ll get everything you need to make crispy, complex, pizzaiolo-approved pies at home. The Pizza Steel can handle the high heat required for making Neapolitan-style pizza, and the Hayden Flour Mills Pizza Flour and Bianco DiNapoli Crushed Tomatoes set the foundation for some of the best pizza you’ve ever had—homemade or not.

For Moms With Impeccable Taste: The Copper Set

In the kitchen, The Copper Set sits at the intersection of form and function. Not only is it beautiful on or above a stove, but Copper’s superior conductivity allows it to diffuse heat evenly and start cooling the second you pull it off. It’s a favorite for searing, sauteing, and jam-making—and especially for keeping on permanent display.

For Moms Who Feed a Crowd: Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This artisan-crafted piece brings the classic look and versatility of a French-made Dutch Oven. Perfect for feeding a family, the Dutch Oven will sustain you from spring all the way through next winter, whether you’re making mac n’ cheese, sourdough, brothy beans, braises, soups, or an entire roast chicken. With over 500 five-star reviews already, it’s the pan that can take on just about anything—just like your mom.

For Somm Moms: Crystal Glass Decanter and Wine Glasses

For the mom who’s almost a sommelier, give the gift of better-tasting wine with our Decanter and Glass Set. The Crystal Glass Decanter’s large surface area maximizes oxygen exposure, traps sediment, pours smoothly, and adds elegance to any table.

The Italian-made Red and White Wine Glasses are beautifully thin to match, but Titanium-reinforced stems make them durable enough for the dishwasher. As a set, the decanter and glasses bring a feel of luxury to your mom’s nightly ritual (and improve whichever bottle she’s opening).

And Just Because: The Wooden Spoon

Top off your gift with our universal Wooden Spoon. Made in Hungary by a father-son duo, it’s the perfect utensil for cooking in copper, enameled cast iron, and everything in between.

Of course, celebrating maternal figures can (and should) be a year-round event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t signify Mother’s Day with one of these special gifts, too. You can send her flowers the other 364 days of the year.

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