13 Easter Meal Ideas

Skip the reservations this year, but don’t compromise on flavor.

By Emily Borst
Mar 27, 2024

Whether you observe the reasons behind the holiday or no, one thing’s for certain: Easter is synonymous with eating really, really well. Whether you have a family get-together for brunch, celebrate over dinner, or treat it as just another Sunday, here are 13 recipes—a mix of sweet and savory—that help make the most of the springtime bounty this holiday offers.

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    Whether you observe the reasons behind the holiday or no, one thing’s for certain: Easter is synonymous with eating really, really well. Whether you have a family get-together for brunch, celebrate over dinner, or treat it as just another Sunday, here are 13 recipes—a mix of sweet and savory—that help make the most of the springtime bounty this holiday offers.

    Brunch Recipes

    Brunch holidays, like Easter and Mother’s Day, don’t have to mean scrambling for reservations and settling for prix-fixe menus. Brunch at home can be just as celebratory, plus ensures everyone can eat what they want. If you need some inspiration, the following recipes from our restaurant customers and culinary team have you covered.

    Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

    A stack of pancakes topped with butter and blueberries, drizzled with syrup on a white plate, next to a fork and a white napkin.

    One thing we love about pancakes is that the recipe can easily be multiplied or shrunk depending on the amount of people you’re serving—especially if you’re equipped with a Carbon Steel Griddle. This springtime iteration from Made In Creative Culinary Director Rhoda Boone offsets the often-saccharine sweetness of blueberry pancakes with a touch of lemon zest, making for a perfect bite no matter the time of day.

    Bourbon Sticky Buns

    Freshly baked cinnamon rolls in a baking dish.

    Sticky buns at brunch-centric holidays are like martinis and olives— fine without it, but even better together. Pastry Chef Elise Smith utilizes a bourbon-enhanced glaze instead of frosting, resulting in a slightly more grown-up but just as delicious version as the ones that come in a tube. Plus, the dough can proof up to overnight, making this the perfect make-ahead dish as the caramel, filling, and baking steps can come together quickly the next day.


    Hands of a person cooking an omelette with tomatoes on a stovetop.

    Frittatas are an unsung hero of weekend brunches and weeknight dinners alike (not to mention the perfect vehicle for cleaning out your fridge or using any vegetables on their last gasp of ripeness). This iteration uses cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, and asparagus, but feel free to swap with any ingredients you have available. One non-negotiable of this recipe is an oven-safe non stick pan—ours are able to withstand up to 500F.

    Pineapple Dutch Baby

    dutch baby recipe

    No brunch item packs the same punch as a Dutch baby—and this recipe, from Chef-Owner of Playa Provisions and Top Chef Season 14 Winner Brooke Williamson, doubles down on the dramatics by infusing bright, tropical flavors like caramelized pineapple throughout.

    The party-sized pancake puffs up in the oven (we recommend baking in an Enameled Cast Iron Skillet for easy oven-to-table capabilities) then gets topped with vanilla coconut cream. Celebratory and indulgent without trying too hard, it may become your new favorite special-occasion breakfast item.

    Brioche Tart

    Easter brunch can be heavy on the sweet and/or egg-based dishes, so give your tastebuds a welcome reprieve with this showstopper of a tart. From Chef Derrick Flynn of Austin’s Este, this recipe is laden with rich flavors, perfect for sharing at a celebratory brunch.

    It may be slightly more time-intensive thanks to the brioche dough, but the result is truly worth the effort. Bake and serve in our Porcelain Baking Slab to both lessen the amount of dishes and revel in the compliments as you’re bringing it to the table.

    Caramelized Banana Pancake

    banana pancake

    Sometimes, the best brunch recipes are just desserts served in the morning. This oversized banana “pancake” from Dustin Valette, Chef-Owner of The Matheson and Valette in Healdsburg, CA, takes that idea and runs with it, resulting in a dish more like a banana upside down cake than traditional pancakes. For extra showmanship points, make a point of dramatically flipping the dish—made entirely in an oven-safe non stick pan—out of the pan and onto the serving dish of your choosing.

    Lunch or Dinner Recipes

    Whether you need to bring a main or a side for a celebration held later in the day, the below recipes from our restaurant customers and in-house culinary team make for a stunning addition to your holiday spread.

    Salsa Verde Lamb Chops

    lamb recipe

    No Easter recipe list would be complete without a lamb recipe. Dressed in a punchy salsa verde and quickly seared using the high-heat capabilities of Carbon Steel, this version from Rhoda Boone is equally suitable for a memorable, stress-free Easter Sunday as it is for a quick and tasty weeknight meal.

    Shingled Potatoes with Sage and Gruyère

    shingled potatoes

    We’ll always have a soft spot for standard cheesy potatoes au gratin that make an appearance at almost every food-centric gathering, so think of this recipe as a slightly more elegant, elevated version of that classic favorite. Sage and gruyère—instead of cheddar and chives—add a unique flavor profile that’s anything but expected, and our Porcelain 8x8 Baking Dish helps get crispy edges on every slice (not to mention makes for a stunning serving vessel).

    Hot Honey-Glazed Ham

    how to cook ham roasting pan

    Another absolute staple on any holiday table, the honey-glazed ham is our ideal for special occasion meals—that is to say, easy and looks like it required more effort than it actually did. All this recipe requires from you is procuring a store-bought honey ham (like the ones in gold foil), applying a homemade glaze, and warming it prior to serving. If there are any leftovers, this pairs perfectly with the Dutch Oven Dinner Rolls for mini ham sandwiches.

    Dutch Oven Dinner Rolls

    dutch oven rolls

    These pillowy, buttery rolls (inspired by the classic-for-a-reason Parker House Rolls from the Fannie Farmer Baking Book) illustrate why no holiday dinner table is complete without some sort of bread. The cast iron construction of our Dutch Oven allows you to proof, bake, and serve in the same pan—and who can say no to easy cleanup and less dishes for a holiday dinner?

    Kale Salad with Pomegranate and Maple-Glazed Carrots

    kale salad

    A verdant, crunchy salad goes with any holiday spread—and is often sorely needed next to what can often be a very beige meal. Massaged kale, maple-glazed carrots, pomegranate seeds, and goat cheese add sweetness, texture, and some sorely needed vegetables onto your plate. If you’re hosting, prepare the components and dressing ahead of time so you can easily put everything together when it’s time to eat.

    Marinated and Grilled Flank Steak with Peppers

    If you’re ready to get back to regular red meat consumption (or want an excuse to fire up the grill), this recipe from outdoor cooking expert and recipe developer Lee Kalpakis lets the natural smoky flavors of grilled flank steak and peppers take center stage. Simple, easy, and delicious, it’s the perfect no-fuss recipe for a Sunday evening—holiday or no.

    Hawayej Roasted Cauliflower with Meyer Lemon Tahina

    Vegetable dishes that work as a main or side? Sign us up. Travis Swikard, Chef-Owner of San Diego’s Callie, recommends preheating a Carbon Steel Pan ahead of time so the cauli starts browning immediately upon being added and moved to the oven. The result is a tangy, smoky veg that guarantees even the most diehard carnivores going back for seconds.

    Note: Hawayej can be a difficult spice blend to source. Chef Swikard recommends buying from La Boite. However, you can also make your own by combining 1/4 cup ground cumin, 1 tablespoon ground cardamom, 2 tablespoons turmeric, 1 tablespoon ground coriander, and 1/4 cup freshly ground pepper.

    Ready to Cook?

    Whether you celebrate Easter or it’s just another Sunday, take this as an opportunity to make something delicious this weekend. And with high-quality cookware like ours, you can spend less time stressing over what to cook, and more time hiding those eggs you definitely remembered to hide prior to the start of the Easter egg hunt.