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9 Chicken Recipes

How to treat your bird with care.

By Rachel Baron
Sep 6, 2023
skillet roast chicken with hen of the woods, leeks and pan sauce
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Whoever said chicken is boring was only fooling themselves. Whether crisped in a skillet or simmered with sausage in a rich, flavorful gumbo, chicken thrives either as part of a larger dish or as the main event. So to give you a little extra inspiration, we put together some of our favorite recipes featuring the humble bird, each created by either one of our professional chef partners or a member of the Made In kitchen team.

These recipes draw on an array of different techniques, cooking methods, and flavor profiles to show you just how versatile—and exciting—chicken can be.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

chicken and sausage gumbo

While you can sub in shredded rotisserie chicken, we highly recommend using a whole cut-up bird in this gumbo recipe: Not only do the bones, skin, and fat imbue the broth with deep poultry flavor, they also insulate the meat and keep it from getting dry and stringy as it simmers.

One-Pot Roast Chicken and Vegetables

chicken in dutch oven

The platonic ideal of roast chicken, this elegant one-pot recipe—known as Poulet Rôti Grand-mère, or “Grandma-Style Roast Chicken”—calls for nestling your bird into a bed of hearty vegetables like fennel, potatoes, and carrots before roasting. If the addition of butter seems gratuitous here, just remember that the original version of the dish calls for bacon as well.

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

skillet chicken pot pie plated

This rich-but-not-stodgy chicken pot pie tastes about 1,000 times better than anything you’ve had from a box—partly due to the nutmeg-infused homemade roux and perfectly puffed, golden-brown crust.

Roast Chicken with Charred Cabbage and Salsa Verde

jakub czyszczon roast chicken

Cabbage-haters never had a fighting chance with this one. Created by Garrison’s Chef Jakub Czyszczon, this recipe calls for roasting a whole chicken over charred cabbage wedges, which absorb all the beautiful fat and juices. An Italian-ish salsa verde adds brightness and a touch of heat from fresh green chiles.

Chicken Tamales

chicken tamales

Rather than an all-day affair, these tamales—which La Condesa’s Chef Rick Lopez makes using instant masa flour and rotisserie chicken—come together in just a couple of hours. With such simple ingredients, the hardest part is filling the corn husks before layering them in the steamer—aside from waiting until they’re cool enough to unwrap and eat, that is.

Skillet Roasted Chicken With Hen of the Woods, Leeks, and Pan Sauce

melina hammer roast chicken

If you’re the kind of person who eats the roast chicken skin first, this skillet-roasted recipe is about to blow your mind. Before placing it in the oven to roast, recipe developer and food stylist Melina Hammer sears a whole chicken on the stove for a perfectly bronzed, crisp exterior and tender meat.

Chicken Posole

chicken posole

Posole—a homestyle Mexican dish made from nixtamalized corn, aka hominy—consists of a soothingly simple broth imbued with the nutty flavor of dried corn. We love this version, which Chef Chris Shepherd makes with homemade chicken stock and pureed hominy for a gorgeously fragrant broth.

Grilled Chicken Wings with Texas BBQ Rub and Scallion-Ranch Dressing

grill pan chicken wings

This recipe from Made In’s Culinary Director Rhoda Boone makes for crispy-skinned yet incredibly moist, tender grilled wings that taste great on their own. But since everyone loves a good dip, we don’t recommend skipping the creamy, tangy homemade scallion ranch dressing served on the side.

One-Pot Chicken and Rice

one pot chicken and rice

An endlessly customizable, family-friendly weeknight meal that comes together in one pot—what could be better? Made in our Non Stick Saute Pan, this dish from Creative Culinary Director Rhoda Boone captures what cooking should look like: riffable, comfortable, and crowd-pleasing.

Classic Chicken Stock

chicken stock hero

When we’ve got leftover chicken bones or carcasses (which we definitely do after testing all those recipes), our first move is to turn them into stock or broth. A million times more flavorful than the boxed variety, homemade chicken stock adds incredible flavor to all of your soups and stews. We like to freeze it in cubes for easy measuring.

Ready to Cook?

As we’ve hopefully shown you, chicken can absolutely be a treat. And whether you’re sautéing, roasting, or searing your bird, the most surefire way to achieve juicy, crispy-skinned chicken greatness is by using the right cookware. Among others, our Enameled Cast Iron Skillet, Dutch Oven, and Grill Frying Pan do an excellent job of conducting and circulating heat—absolutely essential for preventing your thighs, breasts, and legs from burning or drying out.