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For too long cookware has been an afterthought. We went back to the drawing board to design a kitchen brand that you'll be as excited to feature in your home as you will be to cook with.

The Made In Story

In 2016 we set out to create a kitchen brand aimed to do two things: (1) get people excited about cooking and (2) create an exceptional product delivered directly to you, cutting out the unnecessary markups that retailers take.

We know our cookware isn't cheap, but that is because it is designed to last a lifetime. The combination of the finest American metals and crafts(wo)men, many who have been making cookware for over 30 years, ensure our standards are met. We believe that this is the best cookware ever made at this price point.

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The Source

The best and most durable cookware is made in America. That is why Made In uses premium metals from the US, non stick coatings from the US, and a family owned US manufacturer. The source matters to you, so it matters to us.

Meet the Makers

A hand touch is a rare thing to find these days. In fact, every piece of cookware that leaves our factory has been crafted by workers with over 150 years of cumulative experience.


The Quality

Having quality crafts(wo)men doesn't mean anything unless we are working with quality materials. Our surgical grade stainless steel is induction compatible, won't react with your food like cast iron, retains heat with its cladded aluminum structure, and looks great.

To take things a step further, we fully polish our cookware before brushing it. Some say that is unnecessary, but we've found that the extra work creates a smoother and prettier finished brushed product. Maybe cookware wasn't meant to be hidden in a cabinet?

How it all pans out

Gone are the days you have to wait for your wedding registry in order to afford premium cookware. With no resellers, distributors, or retailers needing their cut, we're able to put more money into the raw materials and pass back substaintial savings to you.

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Thank You!

We're not a big company. In fact, we're a very small company. We read every message, every review and appreciate every order.

We set out to create a fun company that inspires more time spent in the kitchen and have had a blast doing so. We're excited to continue to roll out awesome new products and content to our community.

We also recognize that we have a unique opportunity to build Made In from scratch, responsibly. We're proud to work with our U.S. manufacturers who both employ people in their communities and are environmentally conscious. Even the metal that we can't melt and reuse is turned into a powder that creates car tailpipes.

Thank you for considering upgrading your cookware with us and we hope you enjoy the shopping experience.

Chip and Jake, Co-founders of Made In

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