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  • Non Stick Rondeau

  • 4 QT · Harbour Blue
  • $169
Shallow but spacious, the Non Stick Rondeau is designed for one-pan meals, stove-to-oven braising, and quicker cleanups.
  • Made in Italy
  • 5-Ply Stainless Clad
  • Includes Fitted Lid
  • Oven Safe Up to 500F
  • Optimized for Induction
Color4 QT

Chefs love the impossible-to-overcrowd Rondeau. With increased surface area comes less overlapping, providing more of the caramelizing heat contact that adds depth of flavor. Once you’ve rendered the fat from your protein of choice, you’re free to sauté, braise, and reduce all in the same Rondeau—a one pan meal at its finest.

Crafted in the USA, each piece of our Award-Winning 5-Ply Stainless Clad Cookware is coated with two layers of professional-grade Non Stick. The result is an even-heating stainless base with a frictionless cooking surface that is durable enough for high-volume restaurant kitchens, and is the easiest to clean. All of our Non Stick Cookware is 100% non-toxic and made without PFOAs.

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World Renowned Chefs

I love the Made Ins pots and pans because they are well made. They are thick, they conduct heat, they’re the right sizes. I love the non stick option for omelets, as well.

Nancy Silverton

Chef of Mozza, Co-Owner of Mozza Restaurant Group
Los Angeles, CA
Nancy Silverton Profile - Cookware
Non stick pans are usually aluminum—really flimsy and light—but these are actually Made In Stainless Clad pans with a coating of non stick, so they work really well.

Tom Colicchio

Founder of Crafted Hospitality
New York, NY
Tom Colicchio - Profile
A non stick pan for me is critical in almost every egg preparation, especially omelettes. Use a Made In non stick so that you can fold it up nicely and slide it out of the pan.

Grant Achatz

Chef of Alinea, Owner of Alinea Group
Chicago, IL
Grant achatz at alinea

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