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How to Maintain Your Non Stick Cookware

Bradford Malt|Mar 25, 2021

How to Maintain Your Non Stick Cookware

There’s just something beautiful about the fresh coating on a

non stick pan

coming right out of the package. Then, a month later, some find that shiny coat to be scratched and performing worse, and they're left wondering why. What most home cooks don’t realize is that they can preserve their coating with some simple tips, tricks, and rules that will keep their non stick as good as new for a very long time.

1) Preheat your Pan Properly

When preheating your pan, always make sure there is something in it, whether that’s oil or butter. Avoid cooking sprays! Cooking sprays create a buildup in the pan over time, which is very hard to remove and can ruin the surface.

2) Store your Non Stick Correctly

Placing non stick cookware near other metal or abrasive objects risks scratching your non stick surface. Like most people, we like to stack our cookware and store it in a cupboard. However, we always place a trivet, towel, or oven mitt over our non stick surface to protect it from the bottom of the pan that's resting on top of it.

3) Avoid Thermal Shock

This is true for any pan, but non stick frying pans especially. Avoid taking a hot pan and placing it in cool water. The resulting thermal shock can cause warping and/or the non stick finish to peel.

4) Avoid Metal Utensils

Use wood and silicone utensils to protect and prolong your non stick coating. Metal utensils, knives and other sharp utensils will scratch your non stick surface. Before making any necessary cut, transfer your food from the pan to a cutting board or plate.

5) Wash Your Pans by Hand

We always recommend hand washing non stick cookware. Most washes can be done in under 10 seconds with just soapy water and a non abrasive sponge (the soft side of the sponge only, not the scouring side). DO NOT place your non stick pan in the dishwasher.

With these 5 tricks and a sprinkle of common sense, your non stick coating will stay strong. To upgrade your non stick game, check out our line of

Non Stick Cookwar




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