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Materials Matter

Our Commitment

We offer a variety of coating-free alternatives to traditional non stick cookware. From workhorse Stainless Clad to rustic Enameled Cast Iron to high-heat Carbon Steel, Made In has every angle covered for worry-free cooking.

  • European Craftsmanship

    Our tools are made primarily in Europe, home to some of the most rigorous health inspections and safety standards in the world.

  • Versatile Uses

    Whether cooking inside or outside, do it seamlessly with cookware that can safely handle any culinary challenge.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We craft products to last. All of our coating-free cookware comes with a lifetime warranty.

Stainless Clad

Our Stainless Clad is the backbone of any professional kitchen, boasting a non-reactive surface and unparalleled heat control thanks to it's 5-ply construction. Plus, it's dishwasher safe.

A stainless steel frying pan with a riveted handle is resting on a wooden surface.

Enameled Cast Iron

Our Hand-Enameled Cast Iron is beloved by home cooks and chefs alike for its seasoning-free, non-reactive surface that’s ready to use right out of the box.

dutch oven in oven

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel is a chef’s best-kept secret for sears and sautés, with a naturally non stick surface that gets more seasoned with every meal. Safe up to 1200F, it's as at home over an open fire as an induction burner.

Close-up view of a non-stick frying pan with its handle partially visible and the brand name 'made in' embossed at the center.
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