11 Best Kitchen Gifts for Moms

Show mom your appreciation this Mother’s Day with one (or more) of these kitchen tools.

By Sasha Weilbaker
Apr 13, 2023
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Mother’s Day falls on May 14th this year, so there’s still time to beat the crowds while shopping for a gift that shows her how much you care. Whether she’s an at-home chef or a meal prep master, she’ll be thrilled to receive a gift for the  kitchen.

To show your mom how much you appreciate her all year round, this guide features some of the best gifts for Mother’s Day. Let’s dive in.

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    Mother’s Day falls on May 14th this year, so there’s still time to beat the crowds while shopping for a gift that shows her how much you care. Whether she’s an at-home chef or a meal prep master, she’ll be thrilled to receive a gift for the  kitchen.

    To show your mom how much you appreciate her all year round, this guide features some of the best gifts for Mother’s Day. Let’s dive in.

    Cookware Gifts

    non stick cookware set

    Nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal. If you’ve noticed that her pots and pans have seen better days, surprise her with new cookware this Mother’s Day. These saucepans, skillets, and more will bring unparalleled performance to the (literal) table, whether she’s preparing classic family recipes or trying new ones.

    Enameled Cast Iron

    Add a touch of color to her kitchen with Enameled Cast Iron Cookware. Whether she’s in need of a Dutch Oven, Skillet, or our complete Set, Made In’s hand-finished Enameled Cast Iron boasts exceptional heat retention and is oven safe up to 580F. With its naturally non stick surface and easy clean-up, this tool is the perfect gift for the Mom known for her hearty stews and braised meats.

    Carbon Steel

    A favorite in both home and restaurant kitchens worldwide for its superior heat control, carbon steel cookware combines the maneuverability of stainless clad with the heat retention of cast iron. If your mom enjoys searing steak or roasting chicken breasts to perfection, give her the gift of high-heat performance this Mother’s Day. While carbon steel requires seasoning to keep it at peak performance, gifting a preseasoned Carbon Steel Frying Pan or Griddle starts her off on the right foot.

    Non Stick

    Everyone loves non stick for its ease of use, versatility, and ability to cook without oil. Our Non Stick Cookware pairs that convenience with restaurant-quality performance, thanks to its Award-Winning 5-Ply Stainless Clad core and two top layers of professional-grade Non Stick coating. The result? Chef-loved cookware that is durable enough for both high-volume restaurant kitchens and your own, not to mention a coating that is the easiest to clean. Treat your mom to a Non Stick Frying Pan, Saucepan, Rondeau, or a Set that does it all.

    Stainless Clad

    You can never go wrong with durable, high-performing stainless clad cookware. This is especially true when it comes to Made In’s line of Stainless Clad Cookware, constructed with five layers of metals for improved heat conduction, longevity, consistency, and overall quality. Our Award-Winning design is finished with our proprietary Stay Cool handle to protect wayward hands and fingers. Whether it’s as simple as a Frying Pan or a chef-loved piece like the Saucier, Stainless Clad heats food evenly, sears deeply, and conveniently prevents stuck-on messes.

    For a gift sure to shine, check out our Stainless Clad Stock Pot and Removable Pasta Insert. This built-in straining tool makes it easy to cook grains, simmer beans, and make stock, all while keeping the draining process mess-free.

    Bakeware Gifts

    nancy silverton bakeware set

    Mother’s Day is the perfect time to repay your mom for all those homemade cookies, cakes, pies, and more—if not with homemade baked goods of your own, then with elegant and high-performance French-made Porcelain Bakeware.

    Pie Dish

    Whether it’s a holiday or a regular Sunday dinner, a slice of pie completes any meal. Treat your mom to a French Porcelain Pie Dish that abolishes soggy bottoms in favor of an evenly-baked crust and golden brown lattice Our 202-year-old French porcelain recipe, held secret by skilled artisans in the Loire Valley, ensures that the dish is naturally non stick and thermal shock resistant. Give your mom the gift of even heating this year by adding this iconic pie dish to her collection.

    Baking Slab

    A baking slab is the perfect hybrid of a sheet pan and baking dish. This versatile dish is perfect for baking recipes like flatbreads, cobblers, chicken, and more. We designed the Baking Slab in collaboration with Chef Nancy Silverton, creating a dish that’s the first of its kind. Like the rest of our Bakeware, it’s constructed from French porcelain, a material that provides even heating while remaining microwave-and oven-safe up to 650F.

    Baking Dishes

    Baking dishes come in all shapes and sizes. These classic, unpretentious dishes are perfect for baking holiday meals, just-because desserts, and favorites for the family potluck. Our Baking Dishes ensure crisp corners and gooey middles due to porcelain’s superior ability to heat evenly.  A little kitchen cabinet sleuthing will uncover which size dish your mom needs—all you need to do is wrap.

    Knife Gifts

    full made in knife set

    Life is too short to slice, dice, and mince with dull knives. Whether your mom is cutting into fresh-baked bread or slicing meat and cheese for charcuterie, we’ve got her back. Chef-quality kitchen Knives make for a great gift any time of year.

    Bread Knives

    Does your mom enjoy bringing home fresh French bread– or, baking her own? If so, she needs a bread knife to make slicing easy. A long serrated blade ensures that the soft bread doesn’t flatten as you cut.

    Chef Knives

    A Chef Knife is known to be any chef’s best friend. This versatile tool slices, dices, minces, and more—making it an essential when preparing any recipe. Our Chef Knives are full tang and fully forged, meaning that they’re crafted from a single rod of stainless steel in order to achieve a perfectly balanced blade. Gift your mom a high-quality, all-purpose blade this Mother’s Day—if only so to make your life easier when you help out in the kitchen.

    Paring Knives

    The perfect blade for peeling and slicing fruits, veggies, and more, Paring Knives are an essential item in the kitchen. Check out Made In’s collection of fully forged, full tang Paring Knives, so that your mom can discover what a large part a small blade can play during food prep.

    Nakiri Knives

    The tall, double-beveled edge of the Japanese-style Nakiri Knife allows cooks to quickly and efficiently chop veggies and fruits. An essential in a vegetarian household, this lightweight knife will offer your mom unmatched speed and precision in the kitchen—no matter what she’s cooking.

    Oyster Shucker

    Your mom can enjoy gourmet recipes at home—as long as she has the right tools for the job. Our durable oyster shucker is the right thickness and size for opening and serving oysters, complete with a comfortable, no-slip grip. With its crosshatched Walnut handle and razor sharp blade, it’ll make a difference in your family’s ability to enjoy oysters this summer.

    Knife Block and Organizer

    Now that you’ve found the perfect knife or knife set for Mom, she’ll need a place to store her collection. Our Knife Block makes efficient use of kitchen counters to stash your knives at an arm’s distance, while our in-drawer Knife Organizer frees up counter space, keeps sharp blades out of the way, and protects them from dulling. Gift your mom a Knife Set and space saving storage solution this Mother’s Day.

    On Mother’s Day, we want to shower the maternal figures in our lives–whether biological or chosen–with love and appreciation for all they do. For moms who love to cook, these gifts represent your best options for surprising her with something special. Now, you just need to choose one.