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7 Reasons Why You Need a Carbon Steel Griddle

We really love our Griddle—here’s why you should, too.

By Emily Borst
Mar 23, 2023
griddle open fire
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Last summer, we welcomed a new shape to our Award-Winning Carbon Steel Collection: the pre-seasoned Griddle. Considering it sold out twice and is still one of our most popular shapes, it's safe to say our customers love it just as much as we do.

If you’re on the fence about adding this shape to your cookware lineup, read on for seven reasons why we think this is an absolute essential in any kitchen (narrowed down from our list of hundreds).

Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Construction

griddle on counter

Usually, Carbon Steel requires some care before you can take advantage of its natural non stick layer. But our Griddle comes pre-seasoned so you can get right to cooking. Without the need to season prior to its first use, the Griddle can be used right out of the box—unlike unseasoned carbon steel or unfinished cast iron.


griddle cooking burgers

When creating our Griddle, we were adamant that it not be treated like a gadget. Instead, we wanted it to be seen as what it truly is: an extension of your work surface. With the ability to transition seamlessly from indoor cooking on the stovetop to outdoor over the grill or an open flame, it has near endless uses and possibilities of what you can create—whether in your kitchen or outside of it.

Dual Zone Cooking Capabilities

griddle asparagus

The Griddle is designed to fit over two burners at once, which makes dual zone cooking easy to achieve for even the most novice of home chefs. This is a technique used by expert pitmasters where different temperatures are used to achieve different results—think high heat for searing on one end and low heat for keeping ingredients warm on the other.

The size and Carbon Steel construction of the Griddle offers ultimate temperature control for dual zone cooking, whether you’re cooking fish on a gas stove or shrimp over the grill.

Hand Welded Edges

pancakes on griddle

The Griddle comes equipped with tall, angled, hand-welded sides to keep your ingredients inside the cooking surface where they belong. The Griddle can hold up to 40 ounces of liquid, and the sides keep all grease and oil off the heat source—ensuring there’s limited oil splatter and no chance for grease spills or fires.

Extended Cooking Surface Area

prawns on griddle

World-class restaurants and greasy spoons share an affinity for professional flattops—essentially what it sounds like, these are huge surface areas perfect for cooking bacon or sandwiches en masse. While most home kitchens don’t have the space for an industry-style flattop, the Griddle solves for that with our largest cooking surface area—especially when paired with the Stainless Steel Grill Press for maximum contact.

With 8.5” x 17.5” of cooking surface that fits over two burners, you can comfortably fry up a full English, burgers for a crowd, or a few late-night grilled cheeses.

Comfortable Raised Handles

griddle handles

We don’t expect the Griddle to be a permanent fixture on your stovetop—in fact, it’s designed to go from your stove to grill to campsite with ease. The comfortable raised handles make for easier and safer carrying, especially when paired with our USA-made leather handle covers.

Durable Up to 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit

bacon on griddle

One of the best parts of a restaurant flattop is its ability to maximize heat contact on a ripping hot surface without burning the ingredients. No matter where you’re doing your cooking, pancakes will come out fluffy, steaks will have perfect crusts, and burgers will be tender, crispy, and flavorful.

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If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re big fans of our Griddle. Whether you break it out once in a blue moon or it becomes a regular in your weekend brunch routine, we’re sure you will be, too.

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