Non Stick Cookware That Will Change How You Cook

Our Non Stick Saute Pan and Saucepan are the key to unlocking more flavorful meals.

  • George Steckel
  • Feb 2, 2021
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If you’ve been on the internet recently, which I will go ahead and assume you have, then you’ve probably seen a video of an egg seamlessly swirling around a pan before finding its way onto a plate, all without a spatula in sight. While most of these videos feature pans known as “ceramic cookware,” the reality is that these colorful “one-pan-is-all-you-need” items are just not that good. We have a great blog all about the differences between ceramic-coated cookware and high-performance non stick cookware.

Anyway, I digress. True non stick cookware has climbed in popularity in the past few years, and while most people focus on the elusive frying pans, there is plenty more you can accomplish with other shapes, like saute and saucepans. Made In just released award-winning performance non stick cookware in these new shapes, and believe me when I tell you that having a non stick saute pan and saucepan will change the way you cook. 

Non Stick Saute Pan

A Saute Pan is similar to a frying pan, except it has straight walls instead of sloped ones. Usually ideal for searing and then braising due to its stainless clad nature, it really can be one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. That doesn’t change with a non stick coating, however.

The high walls make the saute pan perfect for risotto. With a non stick surface, your wooden or silicone spatula can freely move the rice around without worries of any sticking. And when sauteing alliums, whether it is shallots or onions, before adding the rice, non stick cookware gives you a lower chance of those items burning.

Risotto a bit intimidating? Have no fear, because baked mac and cheese is definitely manageable. Create your sauce in the saute pan, then add pasta and top with bread crumbs and pop it in the oven until the breadcrumbs are nice and toasty. Serve it right out of the saute pan for a one-pan meal that will be heavenly and leave you with minimal cleanup.

Now you have to finish with dessert, right? Right. Simply pop some popcorn in your stock pot and then melt some sugar and then add butter and cream for caramel in your saute pan. Once the caramel is lovely and perfectly golden, add your popcorn and toss. Throw in some salted peanuts if that’s your thing, and you have just changed the way you think about movie night.

Non Stick Saucepans

Saucepans are the second shape of the non stick cookware collection you didn’t know you needed. These pans are perfect for cooking grains and making homemade sauces, but with a non stick surface, you’ll be able to unlock so much more. With both 2QT and 4QT sizes, the only difference lies in the size. Find yourself cooking for people with larger appetites? The 4QT is for you. Prefer smaller portion sizes or have a smaller household? Go with the 2QT.

When you brown food in a pan, the bits and pieces that end up stuck to the pan are called fond. They’re full of flavor, and not incorporating them into the dish would be a grave mistake. If you’re using a naked stainless clad pan, you would have to deglaze, which is an extra step and only adds time. However, with a non stick pan, all of that flavor is already going to be in your dish because it doesn’t stick. Break out your favorite ragu bolognese recipe and be in awe at the difference in taste. A flavorful meal and hassle-free cleanup? Sounds like a win-win to me.

French-style scrambled eggs are a perfect dish for your saucepans. Before the pan even touches your heat source, add as many eggs as you’d like and a large pat of butter. Turn the heat to medium-low and either whisk or stir constantly with a wooden spoon. Larger and slower stirs will create larger curds, while faster and smaller motions will create smaller curds - in true French style. At the end, whisk in some crème fraiche and season to taste.

Lastly, make sure to break out your non stick saucepan for fondue night. Whether it’s chocolate or cheese, you’ll be sure to enjoy your meal without having to worry about the clean up at the end. Plus, with a 5-ply stainless clad composition, you can count on even heating and perfectly melted cheese or chocolate.

Next time you need some new non stick cookware, don’t just fall back on frying pans because they’re familiar. There are many more amazing meals and memories to be had with these new shapes.

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