The Best Gifts for the Skilled Chef in Your Life

Shop our Skilled Chef Collection, the perfect place to shop for the person who loves trying new things in the kitchen.

George Steckel|Nov 24, 2021

If you know someone who jumps at the opportunity to cook for a group of people or looks forward to a quiet night in where they can experiment in the kitchen, then our Skilled Chef Collection is the perfect place to shop for them this holiday season. Whether it’s our

Copper Set

, which is the best cookware material on the planet, or our versatile

Carbon Steel Wok

, you’ll find everything you need for them. To make gifting easier, we curated a set of everything

the skilled chef

in your life needs, no matter their skill or the size of their collection. And if there’s another person in your life you need to shop for, we have a gift guide for them, too.

Copper Set


Copper Cookware

is made in France and is simply the best cooking material. Ever. Its superior conductivity and the ability to bring sauces from a light simmer to a boil in a matter of moments make it perfect for the person in your life who needs just one more item to take their cooking game to the next level.

Carbon Steel Wok



isn’t just for stir-frying. You can braise, deep-fry, sear, saute, and boil in it, making it the ultimate tool to add to someone’s repertoire. Made from Carbon Steel, it is designed to handle high heat and will even achieve a slick, non stick surface the more they use it.

Santoku Knife



is a wonderful tool to have in your knife collection, as it bridges the gap between your large knives and smaller knives. They thrive at making precision cuts and the scalloped blade ensures that no piece of onion, garlic, or carrot gets left on the blade.

Serving Platter

Whether you’re serving up a large cut of meat, a heaping pile of roasted vegetables, or some fresh sourdough from your local bakery with some olive oil, there is nothing better than bringing it out all on one serving platter. And ours is made in England, where the best clay is sourced. Our

Serving Platter

is so durable, that if you chip it within one year of purchase, we’ll replace it no questions asked. That’s how confident we are in these pieces.

Oval Baking Dish


Oval Baking Dish

is for so much more than sweets. Its rounded edges make it perfect for potatoes au gratin, shepherd’s pie, lobster mac & cheese, and more. Any person who knows their way around the kitchen will have plenty of fun coming up with different ways to put this baking dish to use. And it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and microwave safe for seamless reheating of leftovers, if there are any.

Alubia Blanca Beans

Beans are having their moment, and we think that this moment should last forever. We’re sure the skilled chef in your life agrees. From Rancho Gordo, these

Alubia Blanca beans

are great in stews, dips, or even on their own with some olive oil and a side of crusty bread. Honestly, get them two bags, because as soon as the first ones are eaten, the next bag will already be soaking in water.