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8 Best Gifts for the Baker in Your Life

Whether they’re beginners or ready to compete in Bake Off, here are the 8 gifts we recommend for the baker in your life.

By Emily Borst
Dec 8, 2022
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Whether it’s your mom who always lets you lick the beaters, your friend who always shares their fresh-baked treats, or even a beginner who just got their very first cookbook, baking products and accessories are a great gift for the baker in your life—that eventually turns into a gift for you once they put their new tools to the test.

To make gifting easier, we curated a set of everything the baker in your life needs, no matter their skill set or kitchen size.

Nancy Silverton Bakeware Set

Porcelain Bakeware is not only one of the highest-performing materials to bake with, but also makes for a stunning serving vessel. Our bone-white French Porcelain Bakeware got a designer touch with three new designs inspired by none other than Chef Nancy Silverton, perfect for adding some color to any kitchen.

Available individually or as a set of three, these pieces are perfect for crafting anything from homemade brownies to lasagna with homemade noodles. Any baker knows it’s  helpful to have a range of sizes of beautiful bakeware that can double as service pieces, plus the various shapes allow the aspiring baking blogger to have infinitely more food styling opportunities.

Pie Set

If you’re looking to gift an experience and not just a tool, then look no further than our Pie Set, containing our deep-dish French Porcelain Pie Dish, a collection of Burlap & Barrel spices, and a recipe card for Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake.

Burlap & Barrel’s spices are fresh and ethically-sourced, while grocery store spices are sub-par, stale, and often several years old. Bakers will love the sweet, spicy, floral, and almost tropical notes of real cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. The Pie Dish is heirloom French porcelain, a naturally nonstick and highly effective bakeware material. Unlike other Pie Dishes, this is an actually beautiful serving piece, and enhances a pie’s beauty rather than detracts from it. This is the perfect gift for any baker looking to upgrade their holiday pie baking—and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a slice as a thank-you.

Butter Warmer

Small but oh-so-mighty, the Butter Warmer is the pot the baker in your life never knew they needed for browning butter and leveling up their recipes. At just ¾ QTs, this is the perfect tool for the cooking side of baking, whether that’s chocolate ganache for frosting, infusing creams or custards with additional flavor, or smooth, crystallization-proof caramel.

Dutch Oven

Dutch Ovens are often associated with their savory cooking capabilities, from braising to slow simmers for soup. While it certainly excels at these, this is also a great gift for the bread baker in your life. A Dutch Oven with a tight-fitting lid is the simplest way to recreate a commercial steam oven at home—most commercial bakery ovens have steam injectors that improve the rise on various breads by keeping the dough’s exterior moist so it doesn’t set before it can fully expand.

They can also take the high heat of the oven, and easy removal of the lid means you can pop the lid off mid-way thru baking and get that golden blistered crust. Whether the recipient is still perfecting their sourdough or has moved on to other bread forms like dinner rolls, this makes a beautiful baking and serving vessel.

Baking Slab

Our one-of-a-kind Baking Slab was designed to the exact specifications of Chef Nancy Silverton, who requested a beautiful-yet-functional tool for baking and serving her signature slab pies. Made of pure French Porcelain, this is perfect for any baker looking to venture into high-volume baking in a dish they can’t find anywhere else.

Rolling Pin

A reliable Rolling Pin is an essential item to have in any bakeware collection, whether they’re rolling out pie, pizza, or pasta dough. Ours is tapered in the French style (meaning the rolling pin thins out towards the end) which provides more maneuverability and control over your dough, resulting in flaky lamination instead of an overworked mess.

Made from 100% solid Hungarian beechwood, it features a fine grain and closed pores which helps prevent sticking and bacteria collection, as well as ensuring precise moisture levels.

Mise en Place Set

Translating to “putting in place,” Mise en Place makes prepping ingredients easier, streamlined, and beautiful. Every chef and baker always needs more prep bowls—something to hold the melted butter, another for the eggs and oil, another for spices, and so on.

Everyone knows you should mise out ingredients before cooking or baking, but these make you want to.

Copper Saucier

Copper tools are a surefire way to impress even the most discerning recipient, and the 5.2 QT Copper Saucier is the perfect tool for any ambitious baker who wants something straight out of the Bake Off tent. Its conductivity, wide surface area, and rounded corners are perfect for pristine sugar work, caramel, fresh preserves, or any other baked good that has multiple components.

Gift giving is an art, and any of these recommendations are sure to impress bakers of any skill level and caliber. If you’re looking for even more ideas, check out our curated collection of baking gifts.

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