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What Size Rondeau Do I Need?

Here’s an outline of what Rondeau size you need to make your next favorite recipe.

By George Steckel
Feb 4, 2022
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Rondeaus are an excellent addition to any kitchen and come in various sizes, most commonly in 5 Quarts, 8 Quarts, and 10 Quarts. Rondeaus are one of the most popular pieces of cookware found in professional and restaurant kitchens, which is why they are commonly constructed from Stainless Clad or Copper, the two superior cookware materials.

Rondeaus are known for their large cooking surface area, straight sides, shallow interior, two loop handles, and tight-fitting lid. It can saute, sear, braise, fry, boil, poach, and bake. So it’s not a matter of whether or not you need a Rondeau in your kitchen, but more of which Rondeau size you need.

5 Quart Rondeau

Since Rondeaus are usually used for large batch cooking, a 5 Quart Rondeau is the smallest one you will typically find. If you cook for one to two people, then a 5 Quart Rondeau is a wonderful option, as the cooking surface will be on the smaller side of around 11”.

A 5 Quart Rondeau is perfect for a whole roast chicken, scalloped potatoes, ratatouille, or even an apple crisp.

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8 Quart Rondeau

An 8 Quart Rondeau is just as effective as a 5 Quart Rondeau, except it has a larger cooking surface area for your food. That means more space to saute your vegetables or brown your meat without fear of overcrowding and steaming your ingredients.

An 8 Quart Rondeau is perfect for searing and baking a tenderloin, browning a bunch of mushrooms to serve on ricotta toast, or making bananas foster.

10 Quart Rondeau

A 10 Quart Rondeau is the largest Rondeau offered for home kitchens . It comfortably fits over a burner and fits in all home ovens. It can hold large cuts of meat such as a rib roast or a brisket, and  will easily feed a crowd regardless of what you make in it.

Since it has a large cooking surface diameter of 12.75”, cooking liquid can evaporate too quickly, so be sure to constantly pay attention when cooking.

It is perfect for searing and then braising brisket, shallow frying chicken cutlets, or making a large pasta dish packed with sautéed vegetables.

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What Size Rondeau Do I Need?

When thinking about what size Rondeau is best for you, keep in mind how many people you cook for.

If you cook for yourself or yourself and one other person, then a 5 Quart Rondeau is the best option. You can roast a whole chicken, sauté vegetables, or make a meat sauce, all of which will comfortably feed one to two people.

If you cook for three to four people, then an 8 Quart Rondeau would be best, and then if you have a large family or love to host dinner parties, a 10 Quart Rondeau would be wise.

The Best Rondeaus

When it comes to buying the right Rondeau, there are a few different factors to consider, and the most important one is the size. Having too small or too large or a Rondeau will keep your ingredients from cooking properly, whether that’s steaming them instead of browning them or your liquid evaporating too quickly.

The best Rondeaus are either Stainless Steel or Copper. These materials are exceptional at heat distribution, conduction, and retention, which allows your proteins to sear evenly and your sauces to reduce at a consistent rate.

Whether you decide to go with a Copper Rondeau or a Stainless Clad Rondeau, know that there is no wrong choice, and each one will deliver countless delicious meals.

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