What Size Saucier Do I Need?

We break down all the different sizes of Sauciers so you can know which is best for you.

By Izzy Johnson
Apr 13, 2022
saucier sizes
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A curved bottom, flared lip, and wide mouth are all features that make a Saucier one of the most unique pans you can find. While it may seem like a specialty item, Sauciers really couldn’t be more versatile, hence why they're beloved by chefs and home cooks alike.

Sauciers got their start in French kitchens, where they’re a foundational tool for all of the wonderful sauces that accompany France’s rich dishes. But Sauciers are also great for risotto, curry, and even sweet sauces too. In many cases, they may just replace your saucepans for good.

What Is a Saucier?

A Saucier is a hybrid between a Saucepan and Saute Pan, with the cooking surface diameter of a Saute Pan combined with a Saucepan’s high walls. However, there are a few characteristics that make it stand out on its own.

The most notable feature of a Saucier is its curved bottom, which ensures that your ingredients don’t get stuck while you’re stirring. This is amplified by the 5-ply Stainless Clad construction, providing even heating with no hot spots to watch out for. The curved base also comes in handy if you’re reducing sauces, as it gives you more surface area to work with than a straight-sided Saucepan.

Another thoughtful design feature is the flared lip, which solves the frustrating problem of having liquids dribble down the sides when you’re pouring. Instead, sauces and other liquids flow smoothly into just about any container. The wide mouth is ideal for stirring and whisking, giving you ample space and keeping the motions fluid.

2 Quart Saucier

Our newest and smallest Saucier, the 2QT may not be great for large dinner parties but it’s ideal for smaller portions meant for two or just you. You can use it to boil grains or make a quick brown butter sauce but better yet, it’s the perfect size for sweet sauces. Caramel, ganache, or even jam is right at home in this pan.

The 5-ply construction keeps the heat distribution even and hot-spot free, while the rounded walls make sure that none of your dairy or sugar-based sauces get stuck. Plus, the fluted lip makes pouring and decanting easier than any Saucepan. Next time you’re craving something sweet, even if it’s just to top off a bowl of store-bought ice cream, you’ll be glad you have one of these Sauciers in your kitchen.

3 Quart Saucier

The most common Saucier, our 3QT makes 2-3 servings of food. With a cooking surface diameter of 7-inches, you even have enough room to sear meat for sauce too. This slightly larger version is a favorite for making risotto as well. Because of the cladding process, the heat is distributed evenly between both the rounded bottom and the sides. The Saucier’s wide mouth gives you plenty of room to stir or whisk.

This size is often used by professional chefs to finish pasta on the line. When the pasta is nearly al dente, place it directly in your sauce-filled Saucier along with some pasta water. The starch from the cooking water helps the sauce emulsify and as the pasta finishes cooking, it absorbs even more flavor. Try this technique and be prepared to taste the best pasta dish you’ve ever made at home. This is probably the most versatile size for home cooks and is a great way to see all of the features the Saucier has to offer.

5 Quart Saucier

Our 5QT Saucier has all the functionality of the 3 QT, only bigger. With a cooking surface diameter of 8.75-inches, it’s great for searing larger quantities of meat and making a beautiful bolognese or red sauce to feed a crowd. Since it can get quite heavy when it’s full of food, we added a side handle to help you carry it from stovetop to table.

The copper version of this Saucier is also available at a slightly larger 5.2QTs. It features a 9-inch cooking diameter and a Stainless Steel Stay-Cool handle. Copper has superior heat responsiveness, which would make it a great choice for large batches of jam or jelly. Copper cookware is frequently used in high-end restaurants and it is a gorgeous addition to any home kitchen as well.

If you don’t already have a Saucier in your kitchen, then it’s time to fix that. The unique shape and features make it a versatile piece of Cookware that will improve your technique and the dishes you make in it. The Saucier is one of our favorite pans, and we think once you start cooking with it, you’ll love it too.