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The Best Gifts for the Outdoors Person in Your Life

Shop our Outdoor Cooking Collection, the perfect place to shop for the person who enjoys cooking over an open fire or grill.

George Steckel|Nov 24, 2021

If you know someone who loves to spend time and cook outside, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s your friend who loves

cooking over an open fire

at a campsite or your cousin who loves spending time on the beach with a line in the ocean, our Outdoor Cooking Collection makes for excellent gifts. To make gifting easier, we curated a set of everything the outdoors person in your life needs, no matter their skill set or size of their collection. And if there’s another person in your life you need to shop for, we have a gift guide for them too.

Carbon Steel Set

Carbon Steel Cookware

is the ultimate outdoor cooking pan. It can take heat up to 1200 degrees, is light enough for easy transportation, and features a slick surface, so they can cook anything from eggs and bacon in the morning to a seared steak in the evening. Our Set consists of a Frying Pan, Roasting Pan, and Wok, so they can stir-fry, pan roast, or sear till their heart’s content.

Knife Roll

Whether they’re heading on a fishing trip or camping outside, it is essential to have a trusted knife. That is why our

Knife Roll

, made from highly-durable Waxed Twill, Harness Leather, and Brass hardware is the perfect gift for the Outdoors Person in your life. Safely and easily transport all your knives (up to 8), so they can slice, dice, or filet with ease.

Carbon Steel Paella/Griddle Pan

While initially designed to be a Paella Pan, this pan also doubles as a Griddle Pan, perfect for the grill. The wide, slightly oval shape and shallow walls allow the grill to close entirely and for someone to baste their ingredients without worrying about anything falling through the grill grates.

Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Nothing beats cooking over an open fire, and in order to achieve that sought-after char and smokiness on their ingredients, they’re going to need their ingredients to be in direct contact with the flame. Enter our

Grill Frying Pan

, equipped with 62 perforations so they can achieve flame-kissed veggies and perfectly charred proteins.

Fishing Knives


Fishing Knives

were designed with the help of Chef Tom Colicchio and will help them achieve more precise positioning and fileting of their fish. And since they have a slip-resistant, waterproof handle, they can bring them on the boat, to the beach, or to the dock without the worry of water making it difficult to cut.

Seasoning Wax


Seasoning Wax

is made from Canola Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Beeswax, so they can effectively and efficiently season their pan, whether for the first time or as upkeep. It’s the perfect pairing to any Carbon Steel product and will help their pan achieve a slick, non stick surface.

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