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5 Best Gifts for the Outdoors Person in Your Life

Whether they enjoy grilling while glamping or open-fire cooking next to their tent, we’ve got a gift for them.

By Emily Borst
Dec 8, 2022
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Shopping for those who frequently cook outdoors is deceptively tricky. They’ll want something light enough to pack in their backpack, but heavy-duty enough to last over an open flame, and versatile enough to handle a variety of dishes and cooking techniques. If you’re stumped on what gift to get your favorite fisherman, hiker, camper, or outdoor griller, we’ve got you covered no matter their skill set or size of their collection.

Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Whether cooking over an open fire or a grill, nothing beats smoky, charred ingredients—but that direct contact with the flame often comes at the price of losing ingredients to the fire or between grill grates. Enter the Grill Frying Pan, equipped with 62 perforations to flame-kiss vegetables and perfectly char proteins without losing any ingredients.

Fishing Knives

Our set of two Fishing Knives includes a flexible Fillet Knife and serrated Utility Knife, both designed with the help of Chef Tom Colicchio to achieve more precise positioning and fish fileting. Since both blades feature a slip-resistant, waterproof handle, they can be brought on the boat, to the beach, or to the dock without the worry of water making it difficult to cut.

Carbon Grilling Set

If your recipient is a grilling aficionado, then they could use all the accessories they can get. That’s why we put together a set of our go-to Carbon Steel grilling tools for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, whether they grill in their backyard or at campsites.

Designed to handle any ingredient, from chicken wings to grilled cabbage, this set includes our Carbon Steel Seasoned Griddle Set, Paella Pan, Grill Frying Pan, and a can of Seasoning Wax for easy upkeep.

Blue Carbon Steel Paella Pan Set

If your recipient loves a challenge, then they need something that can handle their ambitious meal ideas. Enter the Blue Carbon Steel Paella Pan Set that comes with our Carbon Steel Paella Pan, Burlap & Barrel saffron, over two pounds of Matiz Paella rice, and a recipe card for traditional paella.

The Carbon Steel construction ensures perfectly cooked socarrat, while Burlap & Barrel’s single origin Herati Saffron imbues the sought-after golden hue while imparting its signature, delicate floral flavor. Matiz short-grain Paella Rice is sourced directly from Valencia, and has a high absorption rate that provides a perfectly textured bite.

Seasoning Wax

If you chose any of our Carbon Steel gifts, help them out by adding on a can of  Seasoning Wax. Made from a blend of high-smoke point Canola and Grapeseed Oils along with Beeswax, this helps to effectively and efficiently season their product, whether for the first time or as upkeep. It’s the perfect pairing to any Carbon Steel product and will help the pan achieve a slick, non stick surface.

Cooking outdoors can be challenging, and any of these gift options help to make it easier, not to mention better. Whether these gifts are for someone ready to hike the Appalachian Trail or someone who wants to step up their grilling game, they’re sure to be a hit.

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