• Carbon Steel Pan

  • 12"
  • $99
Like cast iron, but better. French chefs’ best-kept secret for high-heat searing.
  • Superior Heat Control
  • Naturally Non Stick
  • Induction Compatible
  • Oven Safe Up to 1200F

Our Carbon Steel combines the heat retention of Cast Iron with the control and maneuverability of Stainless Clad, resulting in a natural non stick alternative. Each Frying Pan is crafted in a French village where Carbon Steel has been made since the 1700s.

We stamp Carbon Steel into a thin disc that’s half the weight of cast iron but every bit as durable. It seasons faster, responds quicker, and is rugged enough for your grill or open flame. This means you can use a ripping hot pan to create crisp, flavorful steak exterior then drop the temperature down before the center of your cut overcooks.

With sloping walls and a wide surface, this pan provides maximum heat contact for high-heat searing. See how this chef-loved pan will replace cast iron as your favorite kitchen heirloom.

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