The Best American-Made, 12 Inch Frying Pan

Whether you call it a skillet or a frying pan, this is the pan for you. We've sourced premium stainless steel and aluminum to craft a brand new vehicle to sear steaks, char vegetables, and fry eggs.

Factory-Direct Pricing

Traditionally, retailers like Williams-Sonoma will double the price of an All-Clad pan before selling it to the public. We sell direct to the consumer, so there is no middleman taking a cut. We're able to pass on those savings to you to provide a piece as quality as an All-Clad 12 inch skillet at a fraction of the price.

Made In The USA

From the metal to the manufacturing, we handle every aspect of our supply chain, which starts and ends in America.

It's allowed us to execute a product that lives up to our sky-high expectations and confidently stand behind our cookware with a 100 day free trial and a lifetime warranty.

Premium Composition

No pasted on disks here. These 12 inch fry pans are built from one single circle of cladded metal, so you get even heating throughout the pan. They're oven-safe up to 1100 degrees, can withstand high-heat, and offer a 'stay cool' handle.

5-Ply Construction

Three internal layers of thick, American aluminum and aluminum alloy provide quick and even heating across the pan, leading to crispy protein sears and vegetable chars. A premium stainless steel exterior fights corrosion, rust, and warping.

A Full Collection of Premium Cookware

Want more than just a 12 inch frying pan? We offer a full line of high quality pieces a-la-carte or save by shopping one of our kits.