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What is a Saucepan Used for When Cooking?

George Steckel|Aug 03, 2021

If you open up someone’s cupboard where they keep all their pots and pans, you’ll see a variety of shapes and sizes. Maybe you’ll see a stock pot, a large heavy-bottomed pot with two side handles, or a frying pan, a shallow pan that has a long handle perfect for sautéeing and searing. And then you’ll most likely see a saucepan. Defined by its high walls, circular base, and long handle, a saucepan is an essential item to have in your kitchen. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what makes a


unique, what to cook in it, and why you need to have one in your kitchen. 

What is a Saucepan?

We touched on this earlier, but a saucepan features a long handle (sometimes a smaller, helper handle on the other side), high walls, and a circular base. All of these characteristics are essential to making a saucepan such a versatile tool in the kitchen. But like all kitchenware items, the material it is made out of is the most crucial characteristic.

The Best Saucepan Material

When buying a saucepan, you want one made from stainless clad, with 5-ply being the best option. 5-ply stainless clad means that there are five layers of metal, which contribute to even heat distribution, proper heat control, and consistent cooking surface temperatures. It is essential that the 5-ply nature of your stainless clad cookware is not just in the base of the pan but consistent throughout the walls. This will keep your food cooking at a consistent and constant temperature. Material is very important when it comes to buying pans - choosing the

best frying pan material

, stock pot material, etc. will make all the difference in the kitchen.

What are Saucepan Sizes?

Saucepans usually come in two sizes. One is 2 quart, and the other is 4 quart, with a few specialty sizes in between. Anything smaller than a 2 quart small saucepan could be called a butter warmer, and anything larger than a 4 quart saucepan starts to border on a stock pot. If you don’t find yourself cooking for large groups of people or cooking with large quantities, then a 2 quart saucepan will definitely suffice. If you do cook for a lot of people, then a 4 quart saucepan is the move. However, you’ll realize that the different sizes are extremely beneficial to have in your kitchen.

What Can I Cook in a Saucepan?

There are many different things to cook in a saucepan, but the most popular item is obviously sauces. Though you can decide between a

saucier vs saucepan

for this purpose, a saucepan will work just fine. Due to the 5-ply cladded metal that is present throughout the saucepan, your sauces will cook evenly. The high walls keep your food in the saucepan rather than on your stove, as well. Tomato sauce, béchamel for your lasagna, sautéed vegetables, stews, cooking grains, there is so much a saucepan can do to elevate your at-home cooking. You can even deep-fry in it. The only thing that wouldn’t be great for a large saucepan is searing meat, as the high walls make it difficult to flip and baste the meat–consider a grill pan or fry pan. 

Why it is Essential?

Out of all of the

essential pots and pans

to have, a saucepan is a critical cooking vessel to have in your kitchen because of its various sizes. If you want to boil half a box of pasta or reheat some pasta sauce, you don’t want to break out a large stock pot or use a small frying skillet or saute pan. Having a saucepan or sauce pot is the perfect medium for creating delicious meals. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you live by yourself or are feeding a family of four, it is essential to have a high-quality saucepan in your kitchen. With an entire 5-ply stainless clad construction, high walls to keep the sauces in the pan and not on your stovetop, and a stay-cool handle, our Saucepan is the ideal piece of cookware.

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