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How to Make a Great At-Home Meal This Valentine’s Day

Samantha Lande|Feb 08, 2021

A cozy at-home Valentine’s Day night doesn’t have to be a boring one, as you can still cook a fun and fancy meal without leaving your house. Don’t be overwhelmed because, with a little help from a few good recipes and a few great tools, you can wow your loved one with a multi-course meal. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Make it an activity and cook together; our

personalized knives


red-rimmed tabletop collection

make great gifts (hint, hint). Set the mood with music, a tablescape, and

beautiful plating

to make the evening even more special. Ready to indulge? Here’s a sample menu to we love.

Make a Bubbly Cocktail

Love is a reason to celebrate, so why not start with a champagne-based cocktail. The classic French 75 is a bright and crisp libation that won’t fill you up before dinner. You’ll start with making a simple syrup, equal parts sugar to water that you’ll warm over low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Our

butter warmer

, small in size, is the perfect pot for making simple syrup. Cool the simple syrup to room temperature (and store the rest in the fridge). Combine it with ice, gin, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice and shake. Pour in a glass, top with champagne, and don’t forget to cheers.

Recipe here: New York Times


French 75

Put it on Toast

Don’t overcomplicate your appetizer; choose something that will allow you to spend time together instead of running around the kitchen. We vote for anything on toast, whether you go for a classic bruschetta, sautéed mushrooms over ricotta, or something more complex. Pick out beautiful fresh baked bread and use our

bread knife

for the perfect, even slices. 

Pan Sear a Steak

Simple as it may seem, there is nothing like a perfectly seared steak. Make sure to season your steak well and let it rest at room temperature before cooking. While you get your pan extremely hot, now is an excellent time to bring out a bottle of red wine you’ve been saving. We recommend using the

Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

–it’ll give you a high smoke point and that nice sear of a cast iron with more pan maneuverability. Make sure only to flip once to let that sear form. Baste it with butter and your herbs of choice and finish cooking. Once you remove the steaks from the pan, let them rest before you slice and serve.

Recipe here:


Pan-Seared Ribeye

A Sweet Finish

Chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect ending to a filling meal. You’ll want to take a bowl of chocolate over a medium


filled with some water to create a double boiler effect.

Remove the chocolate from the heat and dip long-stemmed strawberries into the chocolate and let the excess drip back into the bowl. Place them on a parchment-lined

sheet pan

to allow the chocolate to harden before you indulge. 

The perfect Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. The right tools, combined with a little technique and a few great ingredients, will make a delicious and memorable evening.

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