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The 5 Knives You Need In Your Kitchen

Here is a list of the five knives you need in your kitchen to make sure you're up for any slicing, dicing, or chopping task at hand.

George Steckel|Oct 26, 2021

Putting together a knife collection is step one to crafting delicious meals in your kitchen. Preparing ingredients and cutting them to exact dimensions will ensure they all quick evenly.  There is no such-thing as an all-encompassing knife, as each blade excels at different tasks. Whether you’re building your collection from scratch or adding to a pre-existing one, we designed our knives to be a perfect jumping off point for any home cook. All of our Knives are made in France by a 5th generation bladesmith. They’re full tang and fully forged, which provides extreme durability and balance, so you can have complete control over your ingredients. Here’s what makes each one special.

Chef Knife

A Chef Knife is likely what you think of when a kitchen knife comes to mind. Its long blade lends itself perfectly to dicing and chopping vegetables, and due to its curved blade shape, you can rock your knife along the cutting board to mince and slice just about any ingredient. You can also use our Chef Knife to break down a chicken, slice hearty steaks, or chop root vegetables.

Santoku Knife

A Santoku Knife is smaller in length, and commonly features scalloped edges, and a flatter blade shape. All of this is designed to reduce food sticking to the blade.  This makes our Santoku Knife perfect for slicing vegetables and mincing herbs, as you can chop, dice, and slice, without having to wipe bits of onion off your blade.

Nakiri Knife

A Nakiri Knife is also a Japanese-style blade, but it features a flatter blade and a squared off edge that makes it perfect for slicing and dicing vegetables.  It is best to use an up and down slicing motion when using our Nakiri, to allow you to quickly work through vegetable prep, such as slicing eggplant, chopping cucumber, or dicing carrots.

Carving Knife

A Carving Knife excels at producing beautiful, even cuts of meat from large roasts, such as turkeys, roast chicken, and rib roasts. Ours, designed with a 9-inch blade, allows you to carve with fewer strokes, so you end up with clean slices,  and the sharp point allows you to get into the nooks and crannies, to ensure no piece of meat gets left on the bone.

Paring Knife

For all the small tasks in the kitchen, turn to a Paring Knife. Whether you’re slicing strawberries, mincing garlic, peeling fruit, or working with oddly shaped ingredients, our Paring Knife provides ultimate maneuverability and control.

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