What Is a Campfire Cooking Kit, and Why Should You Have One?

Learn how to cook outdoors with ease.

By Sasha Weilbaker
Jul 6, 2023
steak on griddle system with live fire
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When camping, you want to pack lightweight, durable materials that don’t require extensive care or cleanup. A well-packed campfire cooking kit can help make cooking easier while out on the trail or in the campsite, so let’s take a look at cookware designed to help you enjoy your time outdoors to the fullest.

What Is a Campfire Cooking Kit?

griddle system outdoor live fire

Campfire cooking kits include all the supplies—including pots, pans, and utensils—you need to cook outdoors like a pro. Some associate camping meals with reheating beans out of a can—and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, campfire cooking kits give you the opportunity to flex your outdoor cooking skills and cook much the same as you would over the stovetop.

Some kits combine over 20 items, while others may include just one or two pre-kitted lightweight, highly versatile pieces. Other brands, like Made In, offer enough variety for you to build your own. The type of kit you build depends on the trip you’re going on and the amount of weight you feel comfortable taking on the trail.

When putting your kit together, steer clear of materials that break or deteriorate easily, such as glass and ceramic. Instead, choose a material that’s durable and lightweight: Non stick, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel all offer both to varying degrees. Cast iron, although durable, may be too heavy for the trail—but great for car camping.

Why Do I Need a Campfire Cooking Kit?

steak and eggs on griddle

You can bring an odd assortment of camp-friendly pots and pans from home. However, you may notice that they take up a lot of space in your bag and are heavy to carry around.

Most Campfire Cooking Kits include cookware constructed from lightweight materials designed to fit together compactly. These kits allow you to cook effortlessly outdoors– while helping you make the most of your trip.

3 Best Campfire Cooking Kits

griddle system live fire

The campfire cooking kit you choose will depend on where, what, and how often you cook over fire. Below, we’re sharing three of our favorite options that offer the most durability, functionality, and convenience.

Best Overall: The Griddle System

The Griddle System: Designed for indoor-outdoor cooking, our Griddle System is a modular toolkit that includes Made In’s award winning Griddle, Griddle Stand, Lid, and Grill Press. It’s the perfect multipurpose Set you can use on the stove, in the oven, on the grill, or over open flame.

Available in three styles—Solid, Perforated (“Grill Griddle”), and Half-Perforated (“Half Grill Griddle”)—the 8.5" x 17.5" cooking surface area offers valuable real estate, so you can cook more and faster. The Solid Griddle System is great for runny dishes like eggs, batter-based recipes, and anything seared. The Half- and Perforated are lighter weight and ideal for barbecuing and grilling. Whichever you choose, the Stand lets you customize the height to suit your heat source.

Best Lightweight Option: Grill Frying Pan

Grill Frying Pan: Constructed from high-heat carbon steel, the Grill Frying Pan includes 62 perforations that maximize flame contact and smoky flavor. The pan can withstand temperatures of up to 1200F, and grills veggies, fruits, wings, and more with ease.

Best Starter Option: Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Carbon Steel Frying Pan: Carbon steel has many of the desirable properties of cast iron. However, it’s much lighter to carry. Our Carbon Steel frying pan is highly heat resistant and durable for cooking over hot flames.

How to Use a Campfire Cooking Kit

sausages and pepers on griddle system with lid

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to pick out your recipes and prepare your outdoor cooking space. We’ll help you match the right pieces of cookware to your recipes– and give you tips for setting up the perfect campfire kitchen.

What to Cook While Camping

Whether you choose a ready-made campfire cooking kit or create your own, items such as grills, griddles, and carbon steel pans are popular options to include.

Griddles are perfect for cooking up summer favorites like corn, potato salad, pizza, beet salad, and more, while our lightweight Carbon Steel pan is able to tackle hearty meals like steak and potatoes and scallops.

How to Cook Outside

As you set up your outdoor cooking space, make sure to choose a cleared area away from brush, leaves, and debris. For safety, you can dig a pit and surround it with rocks. Choose dry campfire wood that burns evenly, and use your fire-starting kit to light the flames.

To avoid burning your food, don’t place your pots and pans directly in the fire. Instead, use a cooking rack or stand to add elevation to your camp cookware. Many campsites feature a fire pit and cooking rack already. For more information on cooking outside, refer to our guide on the topic.

Ready to Cook?

A campfire at your favorite scenic location can do more than just keep you warm and keep the mosquitos away. With these tips (and some great cookware), you can conquer your next trip in the great outdoors.

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