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How to Store Knives

Learn how to make sure your knives don't get dull and no one gets hurt.

George Steckel|Jun 22, 2021

One of the most important things to having long-lasting knives is storing them the correct way. If you throw your kitchen knives in a knife drawer without protecting the blade, it will scratch and dull, which is bad for the knife blade, but more importantly, extremely dangerous in terms of

knife safety

. A dull knife can be very harmful, as it can slip off your ingredients and nick your hand. In this blog post, we’re going to cover the different ways on how to store knives in your kitchen.

What is the best way to store knives?

Knife Block

Knife blocks are probably the most popular way to store knives, just because many peoples’ first knife purchase is a wooden block that comes with knives! They protect the knife set very well and have specific slots designed for different types of knives. If you choose to store your knives in a knife block, make sure not to just stick any knife into any slot. You can damage your blade by storing it in too small of a slot.

Knife Sheath

Knife sheaths are a versatile and space-saving way to store knives. Unlike a kitchen block, which commonly sits on your countertop or tucked away in a draw taking up valuable space, knives in knife sheaths can be stored in a drawer. There is no extra space taken up since knife sheaths just cover the blade.

Magnetic Strip

If you’re proud of the knife collection you own and, let’s face it, you 100% should be, then a magnetic knife strip or magnetic knife block is the way to go. A magnetic wall strip is great since you can hang it on your wall anywhere you’d like for easy access when preparing your meals. Since they hang on their blades, there is no way that the tip of the blades could be up against anything to damage them (just make sure to space your blades out on your strip!).

A magnetic knife block is similar to a strip, except it will sit on your counter. This magnetic holder can take up more space than hanging a knife strip on the wall, but it can also be a nice added touch to your kitchen. They come with multiple sections to place your different knives, so make sure to purchase the right size!

Drawer Organizer

Drawer organizers are another way to keep knives off the counter and protect the blade. The drawer insert comes with different-sized slots, so they fit most blades; however, make sure to take measurements of your knives before committing. While this is a good option, we prefer storing all

types of kitchen knives

in knife sheaths if you’re going to keep them in a drawer. Drawer organizers take up a lot of space, and you have to dedicate a certain amount of space to them. 

Knife Roll

Knife rolls are a great way to store knives for chefs who are on the go and traveling. Knife rolls are designed to store and safely carry many different types of knives without hindering your knives’ blades. If you are particular about your knives or like to cook at the homes of friends and family and you don’t trust their knives, then a knife roll is great to have on hand.

The Bottom Line

In the end, if you want to have long-lasting knives, then you need to take care of them, and properly storing them is the first step. Whether you choose to store your knives in a knife block, magnetic strip on the wall, or in a knife sheath, make sure to have the best quality knives.

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