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The Best Ways to Store Your Knives

How to keep your blades sharp—and your fingers safe.

By Rachel Baron
Apr 19, 2023
knives in drawer organzier
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Proper knife storage is one of the most important—if not the most important—parts of maintaining and caring for your knife. While running your knife through the dishwasher or using it on glass or marble cutting boards can do a number on your blade, keeping your knives loose in a drawer—or, worse, on the countertop—is also a major no-no. Not only does this cause your knives to dull more quickly, undoing your careful sharpening or honing job, but it can also cause serious injury—an errant knife sitting on the countertop or tucked hastily into a drawer can send you straight to the ER if you’re not looking carefully.

To help you protect your knives (and fingers) from harm, we’ve put together the following guide to different knife organization methods. From knife blocks to magnetic knife strips, read on to learn which works best for your and your lifestyle.

Best for Easy Access: Knife Block

full knife block

If you’ve ever been gifted an entire knife set for a wedding or a housewarming gift, it almost definitely came with its own knife block. With variously-sized slots for storing a chef knife, serrated knife, and other common blades, these blocks sit on your countertop and make for a convenient, accessible storage method.

They’re also great for showing off your collection—especially if you opt for a magnetic knife block like ours. The slots on traditional knife blocks harbor bacteria and can cause the tip of your knife to dull over time, which is why we prefer a magnetic knife block for countertop storage—plus, they allow your knife collection to get the extra attention they deserve.

Knife blocks aren’t the best option for everyone, however. Not only do they tend to take up precious counter space, but the limited size or number of slots offers less room for your knife collection to grow. If you have a smaller kitchen, or plan on accumulating more knives, a magnetic knife strip or in-drawer knife organizer might be a better bet.

Best for Freeing Up Counter Space: In-Drawer Knife Organizer

in drawer knife organizer

An in-drawer knife organizer is safe, convenient, and doesn’t take up any counter space. In-drawer organizers are typically flat or tiered with slots designed to keep knives snug and secure, while allowing for easy removal. Since they offer an added layer of protection, this option is also ideal for families with small children.

For those with lots of knives, or who are looking to grow their knife collection, we recommend our expandable option: the 9-piece Knife Organizer combined with an optional extension makes for a total of 13 slots. Since the slots can accommodate any size or shape of knife, you can use it to store everything from a Bread Knife to a Nakiri.

Best for Vertical Storage: Magnetic Knife Strip

A magnetic knife strip is another excellent home storage option. Since they’re wall- or fridge-mounted, knife strips take up exactly zero counter space, and are also a pretty professional-looking way to show off your blades—you’ll even find them in many restaurant kitchens as they allow for instantaneous access.

While a knife strip can work in almost any kitchen, they’re the optimal choice for those with both limited counter space and limited drawer space. One downside, however, is that the safest, sturdiest options usually need to be affixed to the wall using screws, so make sure to keep this in mind if you’re renting and don’t want to be responsible for damage. A knife strip may also work best for homes without small children or pets, as the blades are more exposed and can be jostled if you’re not careful.

Best for On-the-Go Chefs: Knife Roll

knife roll

Line cooks are typically responsible for supplying their own chef knives for shifts, so they need a way to safely store and transport them on a daily basis. This is where a knife roll comes in handy. Made of thick, durable fabric—often leather or waxed canvas—with straps for carrying, a knife roll will include slots for different blades, like a chef knife and a paring knife.

If you’re a restaurant cook, catering chef, or someone who regularly needs to move their knives from one place to another, a knife roll is excellent—even essential—to have on hand. For less mobile cooks, however, you probably only need a knife strip or in-drawer organizer.

Ready to Shop?

Next to selecting a chef knife and learning how to cut with, hone, and properly sharpen it, figuring out how to store your knife is an important decision. For our money, the best storage solution is one that’s not only safe and accessible, but that looks great in your kitchen as well. Our Knife Block and Knife Organizer are designed to blend in elegantly with your drawer or countertop, allowing you to store all your favorite knives with a minimal footprint.

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