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How to Cut a Watermelon: Must-Try Tips for Delicious Fruit

George Steckel|Nov 30, 2020

Watermelon is a trendy summer snack and party favorite with its sweet flavor. It's part of a healthy and balanced diet as its nutrients give your skin and immune system a boost, with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to protect against sickness.

All watermelon recipes start with slicing.The initial cut is simple when you listen up and put these tips to the test. Before you know it, you'll be a pro at cutting watermelon.

Easy Prep Steps

There are three quick steps you shouldn't miss when cutting watermelon. First, always wash the melon to rinse off any bacteria stuck on the skin. Make sure to dry the watermelon to avoid the knife slipping. Next, grab a cutting board and cut off both ends with a sharp knife, such as a



santoku knife


Finally, cut it in half by slicing all the way through. For batons or triangles, cut lengthwise. If you plan to peel and cube the fruit, try cutting crosswise instead. Think of it like the common paper folding method: make the cuts hot dog style for batons or triangles and use hamburger style for peeling and cubing. Cover leftovers with plastic wrap and keep fresh in the fridge.

Tasty Triangles or Beautiful Batons

Turning juicy watermelon into triangles is perfect for parties, family dinners, and on-the-go. They also look lovely on fruit platters and it only takes a few minutes to cut up. Place the cut side down and slice through the middle. Next, cut one-inch slices through the quartered melon. The flat sides make triangles easy to hold and eat, so dig in and enjoy.

Batons are brilliant if you want to keep the mess to a minimum. This cutting method gives you just enough rind to get a grip without juice splashing all over. Start by slicing vertically down the melon in one-inch intervals, before cutting crosswise to make a grid. Simply separate the pieces and you've got yourself watermelon batons.

Perfect Peeling

Although the rind is full of vitamins B and C, your recipe may call for peeling the skin before you serve watermelon. If you plan on making fruity desserts like watermelon and blueberry salad or watermelon cocktails, then peeling is the way to go. Get out a



utility knife

and cut both ends and halve it crosswise. Stand it up on one end and follow the shape as you cut down, removing the rind. Once you're done, go back and slice off any leftover white sections.

Cool Cubes

It's easy to turn a peeled melon into little cubes for fruit salads and desserts. Start by slicing the fruit into one-inch slabs. Stack these pieces and cut horizontally first and then vertically to get the cubes. Some people like to freeze these cubes to use later, such as in watermelon smoothies or milkshakes. With a little bit of experimenting, you can find a new must-have watermelon drink.

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