Behind the Design: Grill Frying Pan

Or, how to grill anything fearlessly.

Rachel Robey|May 19, 2022

Nearly everything is better grilled, but it’s hard to prevent some foods (especially shellfish, vegetables, and sausages) from sticking to the grate—or even falling through it. So, after losing one shrimp too many to the coals, we created one of our most niche, but also most useful, products: the

Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan


Here are the three key design features that make this pan an essential outdoor cooking tool.

Carbon Steel Construction

Because this Grill Frying Pan was designed specifically for open-flame cooking, we needed it to be tough—enter

Carbon Steel

. Carbon steel can hold heat up to 1,200-degrees Fahrenheit and is almost impossible to ruin (Steve, our Product Development Director, once left a

Carbon Steel Frying Pan

outside for 30 days and

completely restored it


Our pans are

made in France

by multi-generational artisans who have been crafting cookware since the 1800’s, but most American home cooks are just becoming  familiar with carbon steel. Due to how well it handles and responds to heat, it’s an unparalleled tool for home and professional cooks alike.

62 Perforations

Our grill frying pan has 62 very intentionally spaced, dime size perforations—the same you’d find on our

Pizza Steel

. These allow your food to come in direct contact with the flame. With the grill frying pan, you’re able to safely develop the smoky flavor and char you’re after, without fear of ingredients falling through the grate—no more errant shishito peppers and asparagus spears.


Carbon steel is also lightweight, so you can get your food on and off the grill quickly. The other popular outdoor cookware material is cast iron, which is almost twice as heavy. The grill frying pan’s perforated bottom also trims weight, making it easy to bring wherever you’re going.

When you’re camping or cooking outdoors, you need something that’s tough, can do it all, and is light enough to carry. This pan is perfect for that.

It might seem odd to buy a frying pan specifically for your grill, but it really expands the possibilities of what you can make on a grill, whether you’re making a Tandoori-style chicken or the flatbread to go with it.