Behind the Design: Carbon Steel Cookware

Explore our favorite features of our line of Carbon Steel Cookware.

Emily Borst|Mar 31, 2022

There are a few different reasons why our Award-Winning

Carbon Steel Cookware

is special. It’s a hybrid of the best qualities of Cast Iron and

Stainless Steel Cookware

, blending the heat retention and non stick properties of Cast Iron with the heat control and cooking speed of Stainless Steel.

We’re proud to manufacture our Carbon Steel Cookware in France, where it has been used by chefs for generations. Built to perform and withstand the wear and tear of professional and home kitchens alike, our Carbon Steel  is sure to become your new favorite piece of Cookware, whatever piece you choose. Discover three of the best features behind the design of our Carbon Steel.

Lightweight Design

One of the first reasons home and professional chefs reach for Carbon Steel Pans is its relative light weight. For reference, our

12” Carbon Steel Frying Pan

weighs in at 4.5 pounds with a 2mm thickness, while a Lodge cast iron skillet weighs 7.89 pounds with a 3.17mm thickness. Carbon Steel Cookware is composed of 99% carbon and 1% iron, so it has the same heat retention properties as Cast Iron at a fraction of the weight—Cast Iron generally contains anywhere from 2 to 4% carbon.

This lighter weight means you can easily take your Pan from stovetop to tabletop, or pack it for camping without adding extra weight to your bag.

1200F Heat Tolerance

All of our Carbon Steel Cookware is oven safe up to 1200F and features incredible heat retention and control. This means you can use it in a variety of different settings: on the stove, under the broiler, over an open flame, or even in a pizza oven.

The walls of our Carbon Steel Frying Pan are 37% thinner than a Cast Iron pan, which assists in quick heating and responses to temperature changes. The carbon and iron construction process means there’s even heat distribution and no hot spots, so your food cooks evenly throughout. Just because it can take the heat however, doesn’t mean you need to be cooking on high at all times. In fact, medium heat is usually all you need for achieving that perfect sear on a steak or crisp on a chicken breast.

Ergonomic Handle

Our Carbon Steel Frying Pans, Woks, and Grill Frying Pans feature a signature Stainless Steel Handle. Because it’s not a single piece of metal like a cast iron pan, this handle will stay cool enough for you to grab with your bare hand even when your Pan is set over the highest temperatures.

Our Carbon Steel Frying Pans also have an “up and out” handle that allows for a comfortable, ergonomic grip for moving your Pan around the stove or in and out of the oven.

If you hadn’t added Carbon Steel to your Cookware collection yet, it will make a huge difference in the ways you cook. Whether you buy it individually or as a


, this investment will pay off in the form of beautiful Cookware and memorable meals.