Close-up view of a non-stick frying pan with its handle partially visible and the brand name 'made in' embossed at the center.

5 Reasons Why You Need Carbon Steel Cookware

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Great for any Technique

This quickly became my go to. Everything from a quick weeknight stir fry to a Sunday double cut pork chop dinner as well as pretty much everything in between. This sears beautifully, Sautés great. Whether frying an egg or making a full blown dinner this pan delivers. - Cynthia Z.

vegetables in carbon frying pan


This is so versatile. It is great for breakfast, pancakes, eggs, etc. It also makes the best smashburgers you have ever tasted. This pan can take the heat of the outside grill... Easy to clean and take care of. - Stephanie P.

burgers on griddle

Quality Construction

The quality is evident out of the box and this thing looks like it can take on a lifetime of summers on the grill. Other products I’ve used either fall apart or are difficult to cook with on the grill because food sticks to them. Carbon steel is the perfect durable and nonstick grill material! - Nate J.

Bacon and diced food cook in a frying pan over an open campfire.

Easy Handling

I have been using my blue carbon steel frying pan for over a year and use it about twice a week. Weight is good, not too heavy but still substantial. Food doesn’t stick to it, it can put a nice char or sear on meat and veggies and it cleans up easily. - Sally T.

carbon steel frying pan outdoors

Works With All Cooktops

I wanted a wok to make cooking fried rice easier but I have a ceramic cooktop and didn't know how well it would work. The Made In carbon steel wok heats up super fast and cooks like a dream! - Robert O.

vegetables in wok
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