What Is Induction Compatible Cookware?

George Steckel|Aug 17, 2021

Nowadays, there are many types of cooktops, with the top three being gas, electric, and induction. You can also cook over an open flame, a grill, or a smoker, but the majority of cooktops inside are gas, electric, and induction. It is essential to understand the difference between these three as the

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for you will vary depending on the cooking surface. All

essential pots and pans

are safe to use on gas and electric cooktops, but not all cookware is safe to use on induction ready cookware. In this blog post, we’re going to cover different cooktops, which cookware works best on specific cooktops, and how to find out which cooktop is best for you!

Gas vs. Induction vs. Electric

Gas stoves are extremely popular and used in professional kitchens. Gas cooktops produce a flame, making them a popular choice since you can actually see the amount of fire applied to your pan. The temperature dial for gas stovetops usually ranges from low to medium to high. All pans are safe to use on gas cooktops.

Electric cooktops are also popular, but don’t feature any flame. Commonly under a glass or a ceramic surface, an electric current feeds through a coil, which can transfer heat up through the surface and into your pan. The temperature dial for electric cooktops is usually numbered 1-10. These are popular choices as they don’t require gas and are easy to clean!

Induction cooktops work through magnetic induction and require

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, allowing more control and quick induction heating. This only heats wherever the magnetic force is happening, so the rest of the cooktop won’t be hot. Induction cooktops are commonly seen as individual burners and are used primarily for exact precision cooking. You can boil water, reduce sauces, and achieve degree-specific heat with most induction cooktops.

What is the Difference Between Induction Cookware and Regular Cookware?

Induction pots and pans versus standard cookware won’t be differentiable just by their looks. The main difference between cookware that you can use on induction vs. not on induction is the metal on the exterior of the pan.

The heat facing side of our

stainless clad

cookware is high-grade ferritic 430 stainless steel. This metal is both highly durable and magnetic, so it can work on an induction stovetop. All of our carbon steel cookware sets are also safe to use on an induction cooker. 

How Do I Know if my Pans are Induction Compatible?

Most cookware companies will have this information on their product pages. However, if you are unsure how to tell if cookware is induction compatible, a great way is to hold a magnet up to the bottom. If it sticks, the magnetic cookware is induction compatible. If it doesn't, you have non induction cookware.

What are the Benefits of Cooking with Induction?

Induction stove cookware has gained popularity within the past decade, and it’s no surprise. The cooking surface of induction cookware heats up exceptionally quickly and provides even heat distribution. As a result, induction cooking allows for a lot more control over the temperature of the pan and can quickly change the temperature, which allows for ultimate precision cooking.

The Bottom Line

An induction cookware set is extremely valuable to have so that you aren’t limited to what type of cooktop you can use. If you’re unsure if your cookware is induction compatible, reach out to the company or hold a magnet up to the bottom. All induction compatible cookware can also be used on electric and gas stoves! For stainless clad, non stick, and carbon steel cookware, all of which are induction cooktop compatible, shop our