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8 Indoor Griddle Recipes for Any Night of the Week

Don’t let your grilling game cool off.

By Rachel Baron
Sep 14, 2023
griddle with pancakes
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With its ample cooking surface and excellent heat retention, our Carbon Steel Griddle helps bring some of the intense charring and smoky flavor of outdoor grilling to your kitchen. And with summer winding down, we thought we’d help cushion the blow with a solid lineup of griddle-friendly recipes that are perfect for indoor cooking.

From Johnny cakes with sorghum-glazed bacon to whole blackened snapper, each of these chef-crafted recipes makes maximal use of the griddle’s mighty stovetop searing power.

Spanish-Style Grilled Shrimp with Garlic Butter

shrimp on griddle

Kicking off the list is a super summery, tapas-inspired grilled shrimp recipe with garlic butter. In Spain (and in this recipe), shrimp are typically cooked tails—and often heads—on for a juicier bite. Round out your meal with rice and salad, or maybe a classic pan con tomate, coupled with the Spanish Kalimotxo.

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

A stack of pancakes topped with butter and blueberries, drizzled with syrup on a white plate, next to a fork and a white napkin.

We love adding fragrant lemon zest to any blueberry-centric recipe, so it seemed like a natural addition to pancakes. In this recipe, Made In Culinary Director Rhoda Boone griddles the cakes in butter for crisp, caramelized edges. If you wanted to serve these alongside the sorghum-glazed bacon from the Johnny cakes recipe listed a bit further down on this list, we don’t think anyone would stop you.

Quesataco with Crispy Bacon and Anaheim Chiles

quesataco recipe

More cheese, please. With a double dose of melty queso oaxaca (sub in Monterrey Jack if you can’t find it), these delightfully gooey quesatacos are over-the-top in the best way.

Lamb Chops with Mint and Pistachio Salsa Verde

lamb recipe

A piquant herb relish—aka Italian salsa verde—is a perfect foil for rich, gamy grilled lamb. And no, you don’t have to wait until spring (or Easter) to make this.

Rajas (Grilled Poblano Peppers) Filling for Tamales

rajas tamales filling

Rajas—slices of poblano peppers—are practically made for the intense heat of the griddle. Chef Rick Lopez of La Condesa turns them into a flavorful filling for tamales, charring them whole to blacken the skins and then a second time once they’re peeled and sliced into strips.

Blackened Red Snapper with Dirty Rice

A plate with overcooked food, possibly fish, served on rice with scallions next to a fork and knife on a blue napkin.

A heady spice rub enhances the earthy, smoky flavors of grilled fish in this recipe, which comes to us from Chef Amanda Turner of Austin’s Olamaie. Serve with andouille-studded dirty rice on the side, or with buttered grits—both work beautifully.

Johnny Cakes with Sorghum-Glazed Bacon and Corn Cream

johnny cakes

Fried cornmeal cakes served with sorghum-glazed bacon make a knockout brunch option, but we love them just as much for dinner. These rich, spicy, and savory-sweet cakes come to us from Top Chef Finalist Dawn Burrell, and they just about demand a cup of strong coffee on the side (yes, even for breakfast-for-dinner).

Smash Burgers

made in smashburgers

Did you really think we’d give you a griddle recipe roundup without smash burgers on it? Consistently one of our most popular recipes, this version features ground chuck with a 80/20 lean to fat ratio, though you can swap in a fattier cut like short rib or brisket if you prefer.

Ready to Cook?

September is a chaotic month, with changing weather and back-to-school madness wrenching us out of our late summer stupor. Thankfully, our Carbon Steel Griddle is about as dependable as they come. So instead of mourning the end of summer, think of all the crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes, and, yes, smash burgers you’ll get to eat year-round.