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Our Father's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad

By George Steckel
Jun 10, 2021
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This Father’s Day, don’t fall into the rut of getting dad socks, t-shirts, or a gift card. Instead, give a gift that can facilitate learning, memories, delicious meals, and more! What is that gift, you ask? Well, kitchenware, obviously. Our curated list of Father’s Day gifts has everything a dad could need in the kitchen, whether he’s a novice, seasoned veteran, or eager to learn. With our professional-quality tools, dad will immediately be able to tell the difference, whether it’s our Italian-crafted glassware with titanium-reinforced stems or our fully forged and full tanged French-made knives. Read more to find out what to gift your dad!

Gift for The Griller - Carbon Steel Cookware

Carbon steel cookware will allow Dad to truly reach his optimal grilling game this summer. These pans are perfect for the grill with high-heat tolerance, a lightweight feel, and a slick surface. Our Grill Frying Pan has 62 perforations, designed specifically for achieving the perfect char on your vegetables. Without a grill frying pan, your veggies would be lost to grill grates. 

Our Griddle Pan and frying pans are also ideal for the grill, as they act as centralized heating components. One of the biggest knacks on grilling is that it can be tough to control the temperature, and you should *know your grill*. Sometimes, knowing your grill can be a pain. However, with a griddle pan or frying pan on the grill, you have an even heat source and can baste your proteins!

Gift for The Wine and Cocktail Enthusiast - Glassware

Whether he prefers red, white, or rosé, Dad deserves to drink out of the best wine glasses. With titanium-reinforced stems and a flat bowl for natural decanting, these glasses are the perfect summertime vessel for wine. Plus, the stem keeps the heat from your hand away from the bowl of the glass, which can warm it up. And this summer is not the time to be drinking room temp rosé outside.

Dad still hasn’t caught the wine bug? Our Drinking Glasses are perfect for cocktails, too. Their sleek and contemporary design makes serving drinks like Manhattans, daiquiris, and Pina Coladas easy and festive. 

Gift for The Prepper - Knives

Whether he knows his brunoise from his julienne or is simply learning how to hold a knife, there is no better knife than a fully forged, full tang knife. So if Dad perfected sourdough and needs a bread knife for clean cuts or needs a Nakiri to prep veggies, a knife makes the perfect gift.

Our curated Knife Set has everything one needs to prepare any ingredient perfectly. Think of a paring knife for cutting citrus for cocktails, a chef knife for carving juicy steak, and a santoku for slicing and dicing veggies for homemade pico de gallo. So get him a knife and get rewarded with excellent meals featuring chef-level cut ingredients. 

Gift for The Food Photographer - Plateware Collection

If your Dad is posting Instagram pics of his food on the same old plates, it’s time for an upgrade. Our plateware collection is made from high alumina vitrified china, so every piece is extremely durable and also thermal-shock resistant, allowing you to heat or cool them to keep your food at its intended temperature for longer. So do your dad a favor and upgrade his tablescape this summer with either white, navy, or red decorated plateware. 

Gift for The Early Riser - Non Stick Frying Pan

Nothing beats eggs in the morning, and now Dad can crank out as many different variations as he wants with our long-lasting Non Stick Frying Pan. Omelettes, scrambled, and fried eggs all have a place in our pan, and you can even put it in the oven to make Dutch Baby’s or frittatas. If your dad is an early riser and likes to start the day off with a hearty breakfast, get him a pan that can handle it all.

Gift for The Baker - Bakeware

Whether your Dad prefers sweet or savory dishes, both have a home in our French Bakeware. With even heating and beautiful decor, Dad will love bringing his bakes from the oven straight to the dining table. And now is the perfect time to get bakeware with the bounty of fresh summer produce available. Tomato tarts, peach crumbles, eggplant parm, and cherry crisp. The gift of bakeware will give dad plentiful options to use up all that summer has to offer!

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