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Not All Cleavers Are Created Equal

Read about the different types of cleavers and how we decided upon the design of our new Limited Edition Cleaver.

George Steckel|Oct 04, 2021

There are two main kinds of cleavers: meat cleavers and vegetable cleavers. Both styles are rooted in history and have unique uses in the kitchen. So when we set out to make our own version, we studied both types, and took the best parts from both. Here is what makes each style unique, and how we combined them to make a

version we find to be superior to the rest


The Meat Cleaver

A meat cleaver is exactly what it sounds like — a knife with a thick blade, which provides enough force to cut through small bones, tendons, and even hearty vegetables with ease. Meat Cleavers often have a duller edge, as precision isn’t as crucial as the weight and power is. But perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a meat cleaver is the hole in the top corner of the blade, which allows for easy and secure hanging.

The Vegetable Cleaver

While a meat cleaver is hunky and powerful, a vegetable cleaver (otherwise known as a Chinese cleaver) is exactly the opposite. The blade is much thinner and more delicate—it has a blade angle of 25 degrees compared to a meat cleaver’s 30 degree angle. This comes in handy for dicing, slicing, and mincing vegetables, with the same precision you’d get with a chef knife. It is much lighter than a meat cleaver and has a much sharper blade.

Our Cleaver

Our Cleaver is the perfect hybrid between a vegetable cleaver and a meat cleaver: powerful enough to slice through bones, yet precise enough for the thinnest of juliennes. The height of our blade is slightly above three inches, and a blade angle of 30 degrees is perfect for chopping through small bones and tendons, while also being able to dice an onion or mince a shallot. The thick top of the blade provides enough force to slice through large cuts of meat but isn’t too heavy to work your way around vegetable prep. It’s a multi-tasker like a vegetable cleaver, and a classic showpiece like a meat cleaver. In short, it’s perfect for any knife task in any kitchen.

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