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Can a Dutch Oven Go in the Oven?

Here’s whether you can use your Dutch Oven in the oven, and why you should.

By Team Made In
Aug 17, 2022
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When it comes to kitchen essentials, few are as versatile as the Dutch Oven. A large pot with thick walls that can be used for a number of purposes, from cooking soups and stews to baking casseroles and bread, the possibilities of what to use a Dutch Oven for are nearly endless.

Dutch Ovens are made of a variety of materials, ranging from cast iron and aluminum to ceramic and enameled cast iron. One of the most common questions people have about Dutch Ovens is whether they can be used in the oven or not. The good news is that Dutch Ovens are designed to withstand oven temperatures—however, there are some things you should know before you stick your Dutch Oven in the oven.

Can Enameled Dutch Ovens Go in the Oven?

Simply put, an enameled cast iron Dutch Oven can absolutely be used in your gas or electric oven. In fact, enameled Dutch Ovens are great for baking because their thick walls allow for even and consistent heating from all sides.

When using a Dutch Oven in the oven, however, you should check with the manufacturer to determine the maximum safe temperature for baking. Generally, most enameled Dutch Ovens should be safe to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but you'll want to be sure before you get started.

Can Cast Iron Dutch Ovens Go in the Oven?

A cast iron Dutch Oven is another popular type that you'll find on the market. These look the same as their enameled counterpart, but lack the layer of shiny enamel over the cast iron core. Dutch Ovens made of this material tend to be a bit heavier, but cast iron is also one of the most durable cooking materials out there. As a result, most cast iron Dutch Ovens are safe in the oven at higher temperatures. Cast iron can also provide an excellent sear, which makes it ideal for searing meats on the stove top before cooking the rest of the way in the oven.

When using a cast iron Dutch Oven in the oven, there is no need to preheat unless you're baking something like bread. However, many cooks still prefer to keep their dutch ovens in the oven itself while it is preheating.

How to Bake With Your Dutch Oven

Ready to get started baking with your Dutch Oven? You should always follow your recipe, but there are some basic tips to keep in mind.

Step 1: Prep Tools and Ingredients

Start by being prepared—this means preheating your Dutch Oven if this will be necessary for your dish. Otherwise, you may want to begin the process by searing or braising any ingredients on your stove top as a first step while your oven is preheating to the desired temperature.

Step 2: Stir the Food

Depending on what you’re cooking, once your dish is ready for the oven, it's a good idea to use a Wooden Spoon to quickly give all the ingredients a stir. This will help to ensure that the ingredients are evenly distributed, which also helps to distribute heat more evenly—again, depending on the meal. You’d want to do this with a pasta sauce, not so much a freshly risen loaf of bread dough.

Step 3: Place in the Oven

Next, place the Dutch Oven in the preheated oven, directly on the rack. If your Dutch Oven came with a lid, whether or not you should use it will depend on a number of factors. For starters, is the lid oven safe? This is not always the case, especially if your lid has rubber or plastic components (such as a plastic grip handle). Our Dutch Oven comes with an oven safe Cloud Cover Lid, designed to trap steam and return moisture to your food.

Step 4: Cook & Serve

Last but not least, follow your recipe instructions when it comes to timing and temperature—but consider checking on your dish more frequently as you get used to cooking with a Dutch Oven. Cooking times may need to be adjusted, but once you get the hang of cooking with it, you'll be a little more confident.

Ready to Cook?

Overall, Dutch Ovens are one of the most versatile cookware items out there. The key is knowing how to use them properly to create a delicious dish on the stove top, in the oven, or both.

If you’re ready to add a high-quality Dutch Oven to your kitchen, our enameled cast iron Dutch Oven is ready to get the job done. Constructed in Northeast France and oven-safe up to 580F, our Dutch Oven is designed to last a lifetime and is great for simmering stews, braising meats, and even baking bread.

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