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Why This Is the Best Pie Dish for Holiday Desserts

Your pie deserves the best, and this dish is exactly that.

By Rachel Baron
Nov 8, 2023
A person is holding a large freshly-baked apple crumble pie with a flaky crust in an outdoor autumn setting.
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Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner without a pie is kind of like a martini without olives—you’ll probably have a pretty good time, but you’re kind of missing the point. And since pie is one of our favorite parts of the meal, we can get pretty specific about how it’s baked.

That’s why, when we say that our porcelain Pie Dish makes some of the best pies we’ve ever eaten—tender interior, light and flaky crust—you can take our word for it. From its deep dish capacity to its sturdy, thermal shock-resistant build, here’s why we think our Pie Dish deserves every inch of holiday dessert table real estate.

Deep Capacity

Love a high filling-to-crust ratio? Yeah, we thought so. That’s why we made our Pie Dish extra deep, with a total height of 2” (a typical pie dish is around 1” high, by comparison). For fruit fiends, this means more mouthfuls of gooey, caramelized apples, pears, or berries in every slice—or an extra thick layer of streusel topping.

And don’t forget: the Pie Dish is a multi-purpose tool, meaning it can be utilized for crispy-edged mac and cheese, cornbread, and stuffing, to name a few dishes on the savory side.

Porcelain Construction

So what does porcelain offer that your old glass pie dish doesn’t? Aside from looking ultra elegant on your holiday table (especially with a red or navy rim), porcelain is much better than glass at conducting and evenly distributing heat. And while you won’t be able to peek through the bottom to check on your crust like you can with glass, you also won’t have to worry as much about underbaked portions of crust, burnt corners, or cold fillings.

Along with producing a perfect bake on your pumpkin pie cheesecake, porcelain is also naturally non stick and non-porous, helping you cut down on post-meal clean-up. It doesn’t hurt that these pieces are dishwasher-safe, as well.

Thermal Shock Resistant

When we think about welcome holiday surprises, we typically imagine snow on Christmas morning or getting a car as a gift—not boiling fruit pie explosions. That’s why we made sure that our Pie Dish was fully resistant to thermal shock, meaning you can transfer it straight from the fridge to the oven and vice versa.

By firing our porcelain at extremely high temperatures (around 2500F) our manufacturers create a strong, non-porous material that won’t crack when it’s exposed to sudden temperature changes. Not only does this help to prevent molten disasters, but it also makes holiday prep a little more streamlined—meaning, no more waiting for your chilled pie crust to come to room temperature before baking it off.

Ready to Shop?

Whether you’re a pumpkin person, a pecan fan, or an apple lover, you deserve bakeware that delivers. Our Pie Dish doesn’t just make for professional-level bakes: it’s also an heirloom-worthy addition to your bakeware collection. Your heirloom pie recipe has never tasted better.