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Behind the Design: Pie Dish

There are many reasons we love our new Pie Dish, but here are three of our favorites.

By George Steckel
Nov 12, 2021
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Whether you’re baking pies for Thanksgiving or making a quiche for a relaxing brunch, it’s necessary to have a dish that can handle it all. That’s why our product-design team focused on the best parts of making and eating pie when designing our Porcelain Pie Dish. We believe that a pie dish should ensure your crust bakes evenly, help craft a perfect ratio of golden crust to bubbly filling, and lend the option to decorate the pie with whatever crust formation you’d like. Made in France from a 200-plus year-old porcelain recipe, like our Bakeware, our Pie Dish features hand-decorated rims to help your hand-written recipes stand out on the table. There are many reasons we love our new Pie Dish, but here are three of our favorites.

Flat Rim for All Crusts

Some pie dishes will have crimped edges or rounded rims, which only lend themselves to one type of crust formation. We strongly believe in equal-opportune crust design, which is why we designed our Pie Dish with a flat rim at a slight angle. This allows you the option to crimp, braid, or even lattice your crust and it’ll always have a spot to rest beautifully on the edge of the dish.

Deep Body for More Filling

Everyone loves the filling of their pie, and our 1.5 quart capacity and 8-inch baking diameter allows you to fit even more of that filling into your crust, but don’t worry, the ratio of crust to filling will still be perfect. The deep body also means you can use the dish more like a round baking dish, perfect for baking enchiladas, quiches, cheesecake, or even chicken pot pie.

Made From Porcelain

Keeping your pie crust cold has never been easier. Thanks to porcelain’s temperature regulation, you can keep your crust chilled while prepping your filling. Porcelain is also naturally non stick, so if (and when) any filling seeps out of the crust, you don’t have to worry about it staining the beautiful white dish. And because Porcelain has even and gentle heating properties, your crust will achieve that perfect golden brown color every single time.