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The 7 Best Gifts for the Entertainer in Your Life

Show up with a gift that’s sure to impress even the most well-prepared host.

By Emily Borst
Dec 12, 2022
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Odds are, you look to the entertainer in your life for one-of-a-kind experiences, so this holiday season, give them something just as unique as their get-togethers. Whether their house is the well-known party house or they’re first-time hosts, help the host with the most with any of these 7 gifts that are sure to impress.

Service Pieces

If your host is spending hours on their holiday menu, then ensure they have the necessary plateware and service pieces that will let their dishes shine. From Entree Bowls to Serving Platters, our English-made, restaurant-quality Tabletop Collection is manufactured from the best clay in the world to serve as the canvas for any and every occasion. Plus, all pieces are dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe up to 580F.

Decanter Set

A great bottle of wine makes all the difference at a dinner party, especially if it’s allowed to breathe before serving. Aerating wine allows its flavors to fully develop, can soften tannins, and is a subtle flex to your guests. Gift your host the ability to take their favorite bottle from good to great with our Italian-made Decanter and Red Wine Glass Set, which ensures elegant pours and full-bodied sips.

Roasting Pan

If your host regularly roasts large proteins, then help them level up from single-use aluminum foil roasters to a Roasting Pan they’ll have forever. Designed with the input of Chef Tom Coliccho, our Carbon Steel Roasting Pan features high walls and rounded corners for crafting juicy roast chickens, perfectly moist turkeys, or holiday honey-glazed hams.

Carving Knife

A good Carving Knife is the difference between beautifully cut, Instagram-ready slices and sad, hacked-at pieces of meat that are better saved for leftovers. Our Carving Knife features a tapered 9” blade and Yew Wood handle for clean, easy strokes that glide through any protein. Make your hosts’ life (and slicing) easier with a gift that they can put to use right away.

Oyster Shucker

If your favorite host regularly slings seafood like oysters for a crowd, then chances are they need something to make shucking easier. Our Massachusetts-made Oyster Shucker features a  crosshatched No Slip Grip walnut wood handle for comfortable handling and a straight blade design to easily pop oysters open. Whether your host is planning to grill, fry, or enjoy raw oysters, they’ll think of you the next time they’re quickly shucking.

Champagne Saber

Nothing gets a party started like a bottle of bubbly, especially when opened with a sword. If the entertainer in your life regularly splashes out on champagne, ensure their parties become even more unforgettable by gifting them a Champagne Saber. With the option to engrave special names or dates like anniversaries, this is one gift that keeps on giving.

Pizza Set

If you know someone who regularly hosts Pizza Friday (or Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday), help them skip take-out and achieve a brick oven-like pizza at home with our Carbon Steel Pizza Set. In addition to our Carbon Steel Pizza Steel, we sourced the best ingredients including Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, Graza Sizzle Oil, and Hayden Flour Mills Pizza Flour to make a curated gift set that if you’re lucky, will earn you a slice or two as a thank you.

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Don’t show up empty-handed this holiday season. Treat your host or hostess to a stunning gift that will not only make their lives easier, but help you have a better time as a guest at one of their get-togethers. If you need more inspiration for the perfect gift for the host with the most, check out our curated gift guide for the entertainer.