How to Shuck and Eat Oysters

Learn how to shuck and eat oysters like a pro. We have all the tips and tricks on how to easily shuck your favorite oysters.

George Steckel|Jun 30, 2021

Oysters are delicious. They’re briny, salty, easy to eat a lot of, and benefit from all different kinds of preparations. However, to get to oysters’ beauty and amazing qualities, you must know how to shuck them. But don’t worry! It is quite easy, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be shucking oysters like a professional. This post will cover some safety tips, how to shuck an oyster, and some basic terminology. Let’s get started.

Start with the Proper Oyster Shucker

Technique is extremely important, but so is having the right tool for the job. This is why our

Oyster Shucker

features a high carbon stainless steel blade, which is remarkably durable. The other standout feature is the crosshatched walnut wood handle. The crosshatched pattern allows for easy and comfortable shucking, too.

Safety First

It is essential to make sure that you shuck oysters in a safe manner. There are two ways to safely shuck oysters. One of the options is to wear a protective glove. These can be bulky but will provide necessary protection should the oyster shucker slip and go towards your hands. The other option, and one we prefer, is to use a towel. A towel minimizes slippage of the oyster and also protects your non-shucking hand. Place the towel on the table, place the oyster on the table, and then fold the towel over the oyster.

Let’s Get Shuckin’

It is necessary to understand the three essential parts of an oyster before shucking. You have the top and bottom shell and the hinge. The top shell is flat, while the bottom shell is cupped. Make sure you always have the top shell facing up so that when you open the oyster, the juice (often called the liquor) is preserved and doesn’t spill out.

The hinge is at the narrower end of the oyster and is a tiny opening for the oyster blade to go through.

Opening Up the Oyster

1. At an angle, place the tip of your shucker into the hinge of the oyster.

2. Wiggle the blade side to side, which will pop the top shell from the bottom.

3. Place the shucker perpendicular along the top part of the oyster, and slide the blade between the two shells until the top shell comes free.

4. Slide the blade under the oyster to free it from the bottom shell and slurp!

If this is your first time eating oysters, try them plain. From there, you’ll be able to add flavors that you think would complement the taste to your liking. Common accouterments are a squeeze of lemon or mignonette, a vinegar-based dressing with shallots and pepper. You can even add a small amount of a crisp, acidic white wine.

Grilled oysters

topped with compound butter is also a great idea. However, in the end, you should eat oysters however you want!