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The Best Gifts for the Health Obsessed Person in Your Life

Shop our Health Obsessed Collection, the perfect place to shop for the person who is following all the latest healthy cooking trends.

George Steckel|Nov 24, 2021

If you know someone who likes to make sure that they’re eating healthy and cleanly, not ingesting any chemicals that can be found in cookware, and following all the latest healthy cooking trends, then our Health Obsessed Collection is the perfect place to shop for them this holiday season. Whether it’s our non toxic

10-inch Non Stick Frying Pan

or our

Nakiri Knife

, perfect for knocking out meal prep slicing and dicing, you’ll find everything you need for them. To make gifting easier, we curated a set of everything

the health obsessed chef

in your life needs, no matter their skill or the size of their collection. And if there’s another person in your life you need to shop for, we have a gift guide for them, too.

10-inch Non Stick Frying Pan

Our 10-inch Non Stick Frying Pan keeps food from sticking to the surface and cleans up just in seconds. However, there are some non stick pans on the market, notably “ceramic” cookware, that releases silicone oil onto the surface of the pan each time you heat it. Our PTFE-based cookware is non-toxic, extremely slick, and lasts 70x longer than ceramic. Ditch the toxins, and give the gift of healthy cooking.

Nakiri Knife


Nakiri Knife

works wonders at handling all prep, whether it involves veggies, proteins, or herbs. It’s the perfect tool for meal prepping ahead of the week and its straight blade encourages an up and down chopping motion. It’s made in France by 5th-generation bladesmiths and will quickly become their new favorite knife.

Alubia Blanca Beans

The best foundation for anything and everything,

Alubia Blanca beans

are a must-gift this holiday season. Cooking them is quite simple, but they can be infused with any flavors you want. We especially love

this recipe

, but having them on their own with some olive oil, fresh herbs, and a slice of sourdough bread is equally wonderful.

Sheet Pan

If you know someone who roasts veggies or proteins for every meal, then it's time you give them an upgrade to a restaurant-quality sheet pan. We designed ours with the help of Chef Matt Horn, so whether they’re roasting a chicken or a medley of root vegetables, our

Sheet Pan

is durable enough for their finest meals.



French-made Porcelain Bakeware

is fully glazed, resulting in an entirely non-porous surface, which keeps water, food, and odors out of the bakeware itself. And because being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert, you can make decadent brownies or a lasagna, so they can cook with confidence knowing that their baking dishes are of the purest quality.

Stock Pot

Stock is one of the best ways to cut down on food waste and sipping on it is one of the best ways to start your morning. It seals and protects the gut and provides sustained energy and an extra protein boost. Our

8 QT Stock Pot

is made with a 5-ply construction perfect for someone looking to cut down on their food waste and take up a new hobby this holiday season.

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