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The 6 Best Gifts for Healthy Cooks

Finally, gifts even health nuts can feel good about indulging in: professional-quality cookware.

By Emily Borst
Dec 15, 2022
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This holiday season, the person in your life who follows health trends and invests in their wellness is likely in need of a gift that matches their lifestyle. We’ve got you covered with Cookware that doesn’t need oil, Knives that speed up meal prep, and other gifts that ensure healthy meals are delicious ones, too.

Non Stick Set

non stick set 7 piece graphite
  • The Non Stick Set
  • 7-Piece Set · Graphite
  • $726$49931% off

It’s no secret that Non Stick is a staple for any healthy cook. The non stick coating makes it easy to cook without oil, prevents sticking, and cleans up in seconds—perfect for the new chef or one that’s watching their health.

Replace their old, worn-out pans with a cohesive 7-piece set that includes a Non Stick Stock Pot—and since our Non Stick line features two layers of non stick coating—unheard of for most non stick manufacturers—it will outlast any of their previous experiences with Non Stick Cookware.

Carbon Steel Pan

seasoned carbon steel frying pan 12 inch
  • Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan
  • 12" · Seasoned
  • $129$10916% off

If the healthy cook in your life already has a Non Stick Pan or wants a non stick pan without non stick coating, then look no further than a Carbon Steel Pan. A combination of the best parts of Stainless Steel and Non Stick, this material develops a non stick seasoning layer over time so oil isn’t necessary. Plus the smaller pores in Carbon Steel compared to Cast Iron means you can get away with using less oil if a recipe calls for it.

Nakiri Knife

nakiri knife olive wood
  • Nakiri Knife
  • Olive Wood · 6"
  • $159$13913% off

A Nakiri Knife works wonders at handling all manner of prep, whether it involves vegetables, proteins, or herbs. It’s the perfect tool for meal prepping ahead of the week, and its straight blade encourages an up and down chopping motion. If that doesn’t sell them, then the five generations of craftsmanship in the knife capital of the world—Thiers, France—should do the trick.

Non Stick Sheet Pan

  • Sheet Pan
  • 1/2 Sheet · Non Stick
  • $35

If they’re always roasting vegetables or proteins for every meal, then it's time you give them the gift of an upgrade to a restaurant-quality Sheet Pan. We designed ours with the help of Chef Matt Horn of Horn BBQ, so whether they’re roasting a chicken or a medley of root vegetables, our Sheet Pan is durable enough for their best (and healthiest) meals without any mess.

Carbon Steel Wok

blue carbon steel wok
  • Blue Carbon Steel Wok
  • 12"
  • $139$9929% off

The Wok makes a wonderful gift for anyone who regularly cooks on high heat or wants to level up their weeknight stir fry. With the same non stick properties of a Carbon Steel Pan and a flat base compatible with all stovetops, this is a staple for any cook looking to expand (or start) their Carbon Steel collection.

French Porcelain Bakeware

bakeware set nancy silverton
  • The Bakeware Set
  • Nancy Silverton · 3-Piece
  • $269

Our French-made Porcelain Bakeware is fully glazed, resulting in an entirely non-porous surface that preserves structural integrity and prevents staining and discoloration. And because being healthy is all about balance, they can still make decadent desserts and cook with confidence knowing that their baking dishes are of the best, healthiest quality.

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Whether they need a new tool to make meal prep easier or a pan to create their next healthy masterpiece, finding a gift for the healthy cook is easy with this many options at your disposal.

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