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Behind the Design: Rondeau

How we designed this chef favorite pan to be as elegant as it is multi-functional.

By Rachel Robey
Nov 16, 2022
A stainless steel cooking pot with a lid on a light background.
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Increasingly, this chef favorite is finding its way into home kitchens, where it’s beloved for reasons both pragmatic and aesthetic. Despite its ultra elegant exterior, the low-maintenance and easygoing nature of this pan makes it a go-to for anyone who owns it. Braising? Check. Searing? Check. Deep frying, simmering, roasting? Check, check, check.

In fact, it’s designed to be one of our most multipurpose pieces—here’s how.

A Pan-Pot Hybrid

More so than any other pot, the Rondeau is what you make of it. A wide base offers ample cooking space, while vertical walls range from just shy of Dutch Oven height to about an inch and a half below that, depending on the size you select.

Regardless of the Rondeau size you choose, its unique silhouette is incredibly versatile—the wide base prevents ingredient overlap and increases searing potential, while the relatively low walls allow steam to escape efficiently. This spaciousness is what allows the Rondeau to mirror the Saute Pan when you’re cooking for a crowd.

On the other hand, the heavy tight-fitting lid, the verticality of the walls, and the generous capacity means that more pot-adjacent activities like simmering, stewing, braising, and even deep-frying are all completely manageable in a Rondeau.

Stove-to-Oven Compatibility

Copper and Stainless Clad Rondeaus are both oven-safe to 800F, while the Non Stick Rondeau is safe to 500F. For most cooks, the Rondeau goes in the oven for low and slow braises—meaning any of those three is an excellent choice.

For one pan meal evangelists, the Rondeau’s stove-to-oven compatibility is great for searing proteins and sweating alliums and vegetables on the stove before deglazing with wine or stock, adding grains, and finishing in the oven.

Even, Consistent Heating

Regardless of the cookware material you choose, the Rondeau’s silhouette does considerable legwork to achieve even, consistent heating. The heft and size of the base improves conductivity and circulation, while working in tandem with a weighty lid to retain heat.

However, each material has its own quirks and impact on heat distribution and retention capabilities:

Stainless Clad: A highly conductive aluminum core is enveloped by thick sheets of premium lightweight Stainless Steel, which create a versatile, low-maintenance, durable, and non-reactive cooking surface. Together, the cladded layers conduct heat quickly and disseminate it evenly, mitigating hotspots, burning, and sticking.

Non Stick: All Non Stick begins with the Award-Winning 5-Ply Stainless Clad base highlighted above, making it equally effective at achieving and retaining heat. The only difference is the addition of several coats of professional-grade Non Stick, which does little for consistent heating but a lot for ease of cleanup.  

Copper: Easily the most attractive and the best conductor of heat by far, Copper Cookware like the Rondeau has a price tag to match. Due to its single valence electron, heat and electricity are able to flow freely and quickly through the material, which is why copper is one of the most conductive metals on earth. Unlike Stainless and Non Stick, this means it cools down rapidly once it’s removed from heat, an especially helpful feature when making dishes like caramel or seared steak, which are highly sensitive to temperature.

Multifunctional, Yet Elegant

Despite all the various culinary specialties and techniques we’ve already outlined, the Rondeau’s multifunctionality extends even further: poaching, frying, stewing, pan roasting, oven roasting, preserving, steaming, and more are excellent ways to put the Rondeau to use. A restaurant staple, it’s designed to be a jack-of-all-trades that can endure the rigors of professional kitchens.

Still, it’s a striking presence on any stovetop, with an elegant, sophisticated look that makes you look like you know what you’re doing (even if you feel like you don’t). Of the three cookware materials, copper is undeniably the most refined and precious, but any would make a gorgeous addition to your kitchen—even tabletop.

In short, if you’re looking for a new do-it-all pan that can feed a crowd, is compatible across cooking surfaces, and looks gorgeous on permanent display, the Rondeau is your pan. Shop now to discover it for yourself.

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