A black frying pan with a golden handle on a light background.

Introducing: Tom’s Pan

A limited-edition take on Chef Tom Colicchio's perfect pan, crafted to last lifetimes.

After successful collaborations on Fishing Knives and Roasting Pans, Tom trusted us enough to recreate it for him. 18 months later, we’re finally ready to share our interpretation with Made In’s most adventurous, maybe even obsessive, customers. Here’s Chef Colicchio’s—and our—three favorite features of this very special collaboration.

A Modern Remaster

Using a 3D scanner, we digitally excavated the original from three decades worth of hard-earned seasoning. After 18 months, we’re ready to share our version with our most adventurous and obsessive customers.

Two men, one holding a tablet, stand in a kitchen with bowls and utensils on the counter, engaged in a pleasant conversation.

Pure Brass Handle

The 100% brass handle is long and easy to reach, even from the back of the oven. Brass develops its own unique patina and character over time, evolving alongside the Pan’s seasoning, and gets ripping hot—which is why it comes with a restaurant kitchen-style dish towel to keep hands safe.

Person basting a golden-brown roasted chicken in an oven.

Only 1,000 Ever Made

As precious to us as the original is to Tom, we made only 1,000 of these Limited-Edition 11” Seasoned Carbon Steel Frying Pans. Each pan comes stamped with a unique serial number along the handle.

A frying pan with a gold-colored handle is shown from above with dimension lines indicating its measurements.

Tour Tom's Home

Chef Tom brought us up to the North Fork of Long Island home for a behind-the-scenes look at his home kitchen and garden.

Behind the Design

Watch the Making of Tom's Pan

From Chef Tom Colicchio’s kitchen to yours, meet your new piece of heirloom cookware.

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"Carbon is a premium material to use for roasting and is extremely durable. It's an essential tool to have in your arsenal.

- Chef Tom Colicchio

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