Proven to Perform

Night after night, year after year, Made In Cookware helps craft some of the world's finest meals, in many of the world's best kitchens. Why shouldn't it serve in yours?

A stainless steel frying pan is centered against a dark background with the phrase "Proven to Perform" above it, possibly suggesting high-quality cookware.

High Quality Construction

Our pans are constructed by multi-generational artisans using the best possible materials, ensuring professional-grade tools made to serve night after night.

Built to Last Generations

Our goal is simple: Produce cookware to invest in once. Pans shouldn’t need to be replaced every 2-3 years—ours are built to last and meant to be passed down.

Found in the World’s Best Kitchens

Don’t just take our word for it—our pans can be found in over 1900 of the best restaurants around the world, with 54 being Michelin-starred.

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Still Serving

Some of our first restaurant customers, including Chef Tom Colicchio of Craft Restaurant Group, have remained Made In customers since 2018 thanks to their proven pans. Night in and out, customers like Chef Colicchio can count on Made In Cookware for superior sears, sautés, and service.

Pans on the Line

A seasoned cast iron skillet sits on a gas stove top with an industrial kitchen setting in the background.
A well-used frying pan sits on a stovetop, hinting at recent cooking activity.
  • On the Line Since 2019
  • The Carbon Steel Frying Pan has been serving at Octavia in San Francisco, California since 2019.
  • Shop Carbon Steel Frying Pan
A well-used frying pan sits atop a gas stove burner.

“I’ve used stainless steel my whole life for cooking a multitude of ingredients but the thickness of the stainless, specifically with Made In pans, is so helpful because the thickness helps you maintain the heat.”

- Chef Brooke Williamson

Co-Chef / Co-Owner of Playa Provisions, Top Chef winner: Season 14

Brooke Williamson

“Made In pans are well made, heavy duty, conduct heat, and are a joy to cook with.”

- Chef Nancy Silverton

Chef of Mozza, Co-Owner of Mozza Restaurant Group

A person wearing glasses and a colorful shirt with a red apron pours liquid into a frying pan while monitoring the temperature with a digital thermometer.

“Those are the pans we use at Alinea. We're going to use the best pans in the world at one of the best restaurants in the world."

- Chef Grant Achatz

Chef / Co-Owner Alinea / The Alinea Group, James Beard Award Winner

grant achatz in kitchen
A dark textured background with white text stating "100,000+ FIVE-STAR REVIEWS."

Top-Notch Cookware for a Lifetime

"These are supreme cooking pans! The even heating is second to none. Quality craftsmanship and the stay cool handle makes these a must have for every kitchen. I will be enjoying these for decades to come.”

- Papaalan305603

13-Piece Stainless Set

A large pan filled with a variety of vegetables is roasting in an oven.

Unbeatable Chef's Pans for a Lifetime

"These are the best chef's pans ever. Once seasoned they fry everything with ease. Use it on the stove top, in the oven, on top of open flame. It keeps getting better. They will last a lifetime."

- Neenee115

Seasoned Carbon Steel Frying Pan

carbon steel frying pan lifestyle

Pan of my dreams!

"Love this pan! Actually the craftsmanship takes it to a piece of kitchen art. Feels good to handle and use. Well balanced.”

- Zion

12" Stainless Clad Frying Pan

stainless frying pan 10 inch lifestyle


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