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5 Reasons Why You Need Stainless Clad Cookware

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Quality Craftsmanship

The superior quality of this cookware is in the class by itself. There are others Who may produce adequate quality cookware, but nothing can come close to the quality of Made In. The Italians have truly got the art of producing superior cookware down to a science. - Apaoletti

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Lightweight Versatility

These pans are top quality and excellent value. Cooking with it is a joy, its super light and it always come up clean. For cooking sauces and tossing pasta's there is no better tool. The service from Madein is also excellent with super fast shipping from America. Thank you very much, this wont be the last pan I buy! - Daniel H.

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Restaurant Quality

My daughter, who went to culinary school, wanted a chef quality fry pan for Christmas, so I bought her 3. She absolutely loves them. She said their weight is perfect, loves the curve of the outer rims for flipping. Well everything about them. She doesn’t know it, but she’ll have more pieces popping up at her door. - Anne H.

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Excellent Sears

Great for searing. It’s easy to clean and feels sleek. This pan is the perfect size for cooking steaks. I highly recommend this pan. It’s one of my favorites. The feel of the pan is lightweight and very easy to manage. - Stephanie S.

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Even Cooking

After extensive research on AllClad vs. Made In, I finally pulled the trigger on this stock pot and have no regrets. Performance is excellent! Heats evenly and quickly, with no hot spots that I can detect. Love the design, especially the lid construction - very easy to keep clean. Will be adding more Made In pieces to my collection! - Ashley T.

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