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How Chef Tom Colicchio Perfects Every Roast

The acclaimed chef shares some tips to make sure every roast comes out perfect and delicious.

By Team Made In
Sep 27, 2022
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Roasting doesn’t have to be a special occasion, but it always tastes like one. While roasting is synonymous with Thanksgiving turkey, there are plenty of weeknight meals that utilize this simple technique.

If you’re just buying those flimsy aluminum roasting pans every holiday season, Tom Colicchio thinks you’re missing out. After all, Chef Colicchio, Founder of Crafted Hospitality and Co-Host of Top Chef, cooks with a roasting pan so frequently, we designed one specifically for him. But of course, knowing how to use your tools is just as important as having quality ones. So whether you’re basting a turkey, baking vegetables, or even broiling fish, Chef Colicchio is sharing some roasting rules to keep in mind.

Chef Tip #1: Cook Low and Slow

“One thing people do is roast on high heat, and this tends to dry things out,” says Chef Colicchio. “You want to slow it down, especially if it’s something big. If I’m roasting a turkey, my oven is at 275 degrees because I’d rather roast it longer, and then towards the end of the cook, turn up the heat to get a nice brown on the skin.”

Chef Tip #2: Cook All Your Vegetables Together

“One of the best parts of roasting vegetables is you don’t have to worry ‘is this going to take longer than that?’” says Chef Tom.  “You can roast everything together, whether it’s leaks, fennel, red onions, turnips, even radishes, if you spread them out, they’ll all cook at an even rate. Even if you’re adding things to the pan at different times, they’re all going to come together wonderfully.”

Chef Tip #3: Set It & Forget It

It might be tempting to move your Roasting Pan around, but Chef Colicchio says it's crucial not to. “By not moving things around, you get sustained contact which will produce the Maillard Reaction, the browning you ultimately want on veggies and meat.”

Ready to Try it Yourself?

If you want to roast like Chef Colicchio, you need the right tools. Now that you have his technique, make sure you check out the Roasting Pan we designed in collaboration with him.

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