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How to Clean a Roasting Pan Properly

Here's how to make sure your Carbon Steel Roasting Pan looks as good as new after every use.

Team Made In|Oct 13, 2020

Now that you're the proud owner of a 

carbon steel roasting pan

, here are some tips and tricks on how to clean a roasting pan and make it like new.

Do I need to season carbon steel?

Similar to cast iron, one of the many benefits of carbon steel is the seasoning that it will build up over time. However, carbon steel is much less porous than cast iron, so it will reach a seasoned state much quicker. This effort is a little less important with roasting pans than with frying pans, but we still recommend the oven method of seasoning your pan if you want an easy clean-up.

What is the benefit of carbon steel over other types of pans?

There are many benefits to carbon steel pans. Carbon steel is lighter than cast iron, it heats up and is much more responsive to heat changes than cast iron, but has seasoning and eventual non stick qualities that stainless steel doesn't. It's a great hybrid pan. It also retains heat very well, so you can get great chars on your roasts.

How do I clean for carbon steel?

Similar to cast iron, you don't want to stick your carbon steel pan in the dishwasher or use soapy water on it, as this will strip away the seasoning you've worked to achieve! Avoid steel wool cleaners and soaking the pan, as well. To clean your pan follow these steps:

Wipe your pan with a paper towel to get rid of excess oil and any bits of food

If there are any bits of food stuck to your pan, wet the soft side of a sponge with warm water and gently wipe these pieces away

If that doesn't work, add a little bit of water to your roasting pan. Bring to a boil and use a wooden spoon to scrape at the stuck on pieces of food. Dump the water and return the pan over medium-low heat to get rid of any excess moisture.

Add a thin layer of oil to your pan for added seasoning.

If you want to keep your roasting pan slick and well-seasoned, check out our

carbon steel seasoning tips


What Can I Make With This Roasting Pan?

Anything! This pan is great for:

Holiday’s greatest hits

Roasted potatoes, vegetables, or meat

Baking dishes like casseroles, pot pies, lasagna, and potato gratin

Braising short ribs

Sweet treats like cinnamon rolls, cobblers, and brownies (and crispy brownie edges!)

We've gone in-depth on

roasting pan background info

 before if you're looking to dive deeper into the pan itself.

How do I use this pan?

You can use it on the stovetop to sear or you can bake, roast, or braise in the oven — just make sure your

carbon steel is seasoned first

. If you need some inspiration, Tom Colicchio has some tips.

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