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Recipe: Jake's Egg Over Sunchokes and Polenta with Pickled Red Onions

Team Made In|Mar 19, 2020

Here's Made In Co-Founder Jake Kalick's recipe for Egg Over Sunchokes and Polenta with Pickled Red Onions that utilizes a Made In Stainless Clad 




, and

Frying Pan



Handful of sunchokes

½ red onion


Vinegar (any variation/mixture of red wine, champagne vinegar, etc.)


Bunch of kale

½ cup parmesan cheese

1 scallion, finely chopped

For Poached Eggs:

2 eggs

1 tsp kosher salt

2 tsp rice vinegar

For Polenta:

1 cup yellow cornmeal

5 cups water

5 tbsp unsalted butter

Salt and pepper


Step 1: Quick pickle your red onion

Finely slice your red onion

Submerge onion slivers in a mixture of salt and your vinegar(s) of choice

Let sit at room temperature

Step 2: Prepare the polenta

Jake makes 

NYT Cooking's Basic Polenta recipe

 in his Made In 


"It's delicious and also a great starting point for people who have never made polenta before." - Jake

Tip from Jake: The polenta is the only thing in the recipe that can’t be made quickly, so you can prep it in advance if you’d like

Step 3: Get the vegetables ready

Clean the sunchokes by brushing dirt off of them

Slice the sunchokes into the size of a quarter, keeping skin on

Heat 2 tbsp canola oil in a frying pan (Jake uses his Made In

12” stainless steel frying pan


Once oil heats up, add sunchokes and a couple sprigs of rosemary and season with salt.

As the sunchokes are browning (but not burning) add kale on top to wilt, add more salt

Step 5: Poach Egg

Here is the

egg poaching method

Jake uses to poach his eggs in his Made In 2 QT 



Assemble dish:

Layer polenta first, then add kale and sunchokes. Top with the poached egg and add pickled red onion, scallions, and parmesan to finish. Serve with hot sauce.

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