Chef Grant Achatz Shares 3 Tips for Perfect Omelettes

Learn how to perfect the art of the French omelette from the best.

  • Daniel Modlin
  • Sep 28, 2022
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For Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea, being able to cook eggs differently and execute on technique is a “badge of honor” for a chef. One of the egg preparations he’s most passionate about is the French omelette. While this dish looks simple, getting it perfect couldn’t be more difficult. Below, Chef Achatz shows his three tips for perfecting the omelette at home.

Chef Tip #1: Use the Correct Pan

“A good Non Stick Pan is critical,” Chef Achatz says. “Without a good one, an omelette is impossible.” Eggs can be delicate, so you want to use a slick surface.  Our Non Stick Pan, used in Alinea, is constructed with a Stainless Clad body for maximum heat control, and has two layers of professional non stick coating that will ensure your eggs don’t get stuck.

Chef Tip #2: Cook Low and Slow

“You want to cook it slowly, constantly stirring so you get that curd effect in the middle,” Chef Achatz says. By using low heat, and keeping your egg moving, you can exact more control over your eggs, and can control the end shape and texture of the finished product.

Chef Tip #3: Look for the Right Texture

Overcooked eggs will have a rubber-like texture, but Chef Achatz prefers his with “a custard-like center.” This means they should be barely set, but not runny. This part takes practice, but if you follow the two above steps, you should end up with perfectly cooked eggs every time.

Ready to Cook?

If you're ready to try this technique for yourself, we don't blame you—making a beautiful omelette has never been more approachable. Start with a great Non Stick Pan, and the rest will be much easier.

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