How to Care for Your Copper Cookware

Keeping your Copper Cookware sparkling is quite easy, especially with these tips and tricks.

By George Steckel
Jan 25, 2021
copper rondeau on stove
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Copper has unrivaled beauty as a cookware material. Its golden hue glimmers, whether it’s hanging from pot and pan racks or sitting on the stovetop, and deserves a spot in everyone’s dream kitchen.

Looks aren’t the only thing Copper has going for it. Copper is also arguably the best cookware material, as it has unmatched heat conductivity. This allows you to control the temperature at which your food cooks with precision.

Copper Cookware looks and cooks beautifully, but does require an extra step — polishing. Read on to learn more about how to keep your Copper Cookware in tip-top shape.

Why Do I Need to Polish Copper Cookware?

While cleaning your pans is necessary for any Cookware material you purchase, Copper requires another level of care — polishing. Polishing is the act of scrubbing the surface of your cookware to return it to its original coloring.

Because Copper is a reactive metal, copper oxide will naturally form on the exterior of your pans as it's exposed to oxygen. This copper oxide is what many refer to as “tarnish,” and looks like a blackish-brown mark on your Cookware. If you don’t polish it off the reaction will continue, until your Cookware is Statue-of-Liberty-green.

To avoid this, we recommend polishing your Copper Cookware at least every three months, or whenever you want to return it to its beautiful state. It’s really not difficult to do, especially when you follow one of the two methods outlined below.

Basic Copper Cookware Cleaning

Before you start polishing your Copper Cookware, it is important to know how to clean the interior. Our Copper Cookware is lined with Stainless Steel, making it extremely safe to cook with, and remarkably easy to clean as well.

Like cleaning Stainless Clad Cookware, wash the pan with a sponge, hot water, and dish soap. This basic cleaning method will make sure any gunk or food residue is off the pan and ensures your Cookware is ready for polishing.

However, if you have more stubborn food bits stuck on, we have a comprehensive guide on cleaning Stainless Clad Cookware for you to check out.

First Method: Barkeepers Friend

The first polishing method is a gentler option. Squeeze a small amount of Barkeepers Friend Soft Cleanser onto a soft sponge and with warm water, buff the exterior surface of your pot or pan in a circular motion.  The more patina, or discoloration, your Copper Cookware has, the more you’ll have to clean.

Once your Copper Cookware has returned to its original state, wash it thoroughly with warm water and use a soft cloth to dry immediately.

Second Method: White Vinegar and Table Salt

The second method for polishing Copper Cookware is more aggressive but extremely effective. Add white vinegar to the soft side of a sponge and rub that on the exterior of the Copper Cookware. Working your way around the exterior of the pan, add one tablespoon of salt at a time and scrub it into the surface.

The salt will stick to the vinegar and have your cookware looking like new in no time. Do this along the whole surface and then rinse the pan and dry immediately.

Cookware is a tool, not a decoration, and over time, your Copper Cookware will show signs of wear and tear. Don’t worry if your pan doesn’t look perfect. By following the methods outlined above, you’ll be able to bring your Copper back to its original hue.

Check out our whole line of Copper Cookware and upgrade your kitchen today.